More Than 400 People Begin Learning On KYVE Academy Set Up To Build Web3 Thought Leaders

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Twenty-four hours after it was launched, more than 400 people have begun learning on KYVE Academy which was set up to provide free access to courses on Web3 and KYVE Network and build thought leaders in ecosystem, the platform said on Friday.

The Academy created by KYVE Network, a network which facilitates access to validated on- and off-chain data lake went live on Thursday with one of its aim being to strengthen the confidence of the community in their knowledge of Web3 and KYVE Network.

The increasing popularity of assets including non-fungible tokens (NFTS) and cryptocurrencies and blockchain – the technology on which they are based and the general growth of Web3 which is beginning to gain acceptance and even attract investment from individuals and big Web2 firms, is likely to spur many to learn about the emerging technology.

Paul Bramas, the head of KYVE’s ecosystem said that platform was aware that finding Web3 resources can be difficult and time consuming and noted that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn about latest innovations.

…And with the expansion of KYVE, this was becoming the case for our own community resources as well. With the Academy, we aim to enable all who want to learn with the right tools to feel confident in the space and their support for KYVE, Bramas said in a news release.

At the moment, the KYVE Academy has 13 curated courses and tutorials ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours for all levels such as beginner, intermediate and expert. Courses include fundamentals, use cases, blockchain/crypto 101 and development courses.

KYVE Academy hopes to add more courses. The learning platform also has growing glossary which helps define terms related to KYVE and Web3.

We aim to continue feeding the KYVE Academy with updated resources and learning content to not only stay up to date with today’s innovations but also keep our community up to date on KYVE, KYVE said.

Users not only learn, they are motivated through a reward programme. They earn Crew3 XP as they complete each course. Users will be rewarded with a secret key that unlocks XP on the Crew3 platform. With KYVE’s Crew3 platform, projects connect and engage with their communities by providing specialised missions in exchange for rewards. KYVE said it would soon reveal how earned XP can be used.

After a lot of research and hard work, we are thrilled to see the KYVE Academy come to fruition. We hope this becomes a helpful and impactful resource for not just our community but for all in the Web3 space, the Network said.

The latest innovation comes following the release of Kaon, a testnet for its mainnet. KYVE is currently making plans for its mainnet which is expected to launch by the first quarter of this year.

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