Meson Network, Crust Network Partner To Give Metaverse, NFT Users Improved Experience

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Meson Network, a bandwidth marketplace and content delivery network has partnered with Crust Network, a decentralised storage protocol based on IPFS. This alliance hopes to give users of Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi improved experience.

Crust Network, announcing the partnership with Meson Network on Wednesday, said the collaboration offers a range of services –  including storage and retrieval, full technical support, operational and maintenance to the Web3 space.

For dapp (decentralised applications) hosting, Meson CDN will help Crust to achieve faster data pull service, speed up the loading speed of the website. This will improve the user experience, Crust said in a statement.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and novel innovations like the metaverse and socialFi, a combination of social networking and finance, creating decentralised social applications, would be impacted by the partnership.

For the Metaverse, both networks would work to ensure fast model loading through instant reading of Metaverse data.

“With Meson CDN, the Metaverse will be more accessible. Although more private and decentralised than Web2, the network efficiency at this stage is undoubtedly far from Web2,” Crust said, noting that an excessively centralised CDN acceleration service is a challenge that restricts the development of Web3.

The Network said other potential benefits of the partnership for users is fast browsing and permanent storage. Meson Network’s multiple nodes would play a role to achieve this.

Unlike traditional CDN’s that only provide acceleration services with single-digit nodes, Meson Network can mobilise many machines at the same time to provide acceleration service for static files of products, ensuring high availability of services and user privacy security, Crust Network  also said.

Meson Network did not reply to a request for a comment.

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