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(Update: RedStone Academy has now been rebranded to Warp Academy).

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop Arweave on writing your SmartWeave contract? Or maybe you’re not quite sure what SmartWeave – or even Arweave – are, but you want to create decentralized apps for Web3 and join in the new age of blockchain development programming.

You are in luck, as RedStone has just launched its Academy, a portal to teach people how to develop on the Permaweb and deploy their first smart contract to the blockchain, using their SmartWeave Contracts SDK, as well as other valuable tools.

Let’s take a closer look.

We had the chance to chat with Asia – one of the RedStone SmartWeave SDK developers – to get a better look at the Academy. So together, let us examine what the Academy currently offers and its plans for the future.

What is RedStone Academy?

RedStone Academy is fresh off the shelves. The Academy created by RedStone Finance is a data ecosystem built on Arweave. Their project seeks to be the go-to place for people of all levels who want to learn how to further their Arweave and blockchain dev knowledge.

Asia told us that the Academy was created out of a desire to have all the resources a dev needs in one place. Right now, the information seems to be scattered and unstructured across the web (ArWiki, github repositories, discord servers, etc.) So this can be a little bit confusing for someone starting. RedStone Academy is putting everything into perspective and making a one-stop base for us all. In other words, they are gathering external sources that will come in handy in the future. You’ll see these as “info” boxes throughout the courses.

The Academy will, for now, stay purely Arweave and SmartWeave centered, with their main goal being to attract new builders (Web2 and Web3 devs) to the ecosystem.

All the essential knowledge you need to get you started is available under a dedicated “Elementary” section. As Asia mentioned, it is needed to teach people about their SmartWeave SDK. With the help of a series of interactive challenges and tasks, you will be able to use all the necessary tools to deploy your first SmarWeave contract.

What is a SmartWeave Contract?

A smart contract is a code stored immutably on a blockchain – lines of code that make up an app that gives some output. All blockchains that want to host decentralized apps (dApps) utilize them. A SmartWeave contract is simply Arweave’s iteration of a smart contract. The difference is that SmartWeave uses a lazy validation method that saves on resources but is still secure and immutable.

Back to RedStone Academy

Their first lessons will take you through learning how to build a Profit Sharing Token (PST) – a token used with Profit Sharing Community (PSC). If this seems daunting and overwhelming at first, don’t worry. The perfectly structured website will take you to step by step through all the lingo and terminology.

The team wanted me to point out that the academy is still in its first iteration, so that the following information may change depending on future discussions and plans.

Even though nothing is set in stone yet, Asia mentioned that they are toying with the potential to have Academy Office Hours, where people would be able to log on and ask Asia and her fellow RedStone Dev team additional questions might have. You could also do live coding and maybe even brainstorm dApp ideas together.

“As it is just an introduction to the academy, we want to wait a bit and see the level of interest among the participants. And we are very open to any propositions future students may have.” Asia

They are also speculating that, in the future, the Academy could even host contests where students who finish specific projects could win prizes (like NFTs). The best thing you can do if you are interested, besides following the courses and learning all you can, is to join the RedStone Academy Discord here.

Although the Academy is in its early stages, the RedStone team will be releasing more content for its users to learn about as they develop further features on the RedStone SDK.

Be sure to follow RedStone finance on Twitter here and the join Discord server. That way, you will be the first to know about potential future opportunities through RedStone Academy.



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