One Step Closer to KYVE’s Mainnet: Testnet Kaon Goes Live For Select Users

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As it looks to launch mainnet later this year, KYVE Network has launched Kaon. Kaon is a platform they said gives KYVE a clean slate to apply lessons learned from previous testnet and will serve as a testing environment for new features before they are shipped to mainnet.

KYVE, a Web3 data lake protocol which data providers use to standardise, validate and store on- and off-chain data, said as a “mainnet testnet”, Kaon will be a close replica of KYVE mainnet and a last stop before it reaches mainnet. For now, only users with actual $KYVE token will be allowed to take part in Kaon, the network said.

The journey to mainnet began in 2021 with Korellia, a devnet period which lasted about a year where major tests and new features were tried and bugs erased. KYVE said Korellia achieved its mission and that some of the lessons it learned from it would be applied to Kaon which it said provides its team with a “clean slate”. The network said that unnecessary codes and impractical features will be excluded from Kaon which operates on a chain separate from Korellia.

Meanwhile, the launch of Kaon has been followed with the announcement by KYVE that it would be supported by interchain block explorer, Mintscan. Powered by interchain validator, Cosmostation, Mintscan supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, Web Assembly and Cosmos-SDK networks and promised to support “KYVE with our full infrastructure package from testnet to mainnet”. KYVE had said Kaon would have a block explorer.

It’s been very exciting seeing all the pieces come together… Its (Kaon) launch has given us a preview and great insight as to how KYVE’s mainnet launch will go. In the long run, it will be the perfect staging environment, stemming from all our learnings from Korellia, John Letey, co-founder and CTO of KYVE said.


The Network said that to make Kaon replicate mainnet, only users with KYVE tokens will be able to participate in KYVE’s official testnet. These users include those who earned $KYVE rewards from carrying out tasks in Mission Korellia and genesis validators. Real $KYVE rewards will be matched in $tKYVE on the Kaon chain once users complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Persons who did not earn rewards will be able to participate on Kaon when it is fully opened to the public.

KYVE said on Wednesday that the first batch of matched $tKYVE rewards will start to roll out in the next few days to those whose KYC has already been approved. The $tKYVE can be found in the KYVE wallet address matched beneficiaries provided along with vested account.

Implementing this structure enables those who are most motivated in testing and improving KYVE to participate. It will also allow KYVE to best replicate all the main accounts to maintain a mainnet-like testing environment to best prepare for mainnet launch and all to come after, KYVE said.

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