KYVE Provides New Gateway To Store Data On Arweave Through Bundlr Partnership

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On Thursday KYVE announced it now supports Bundlr, a protocol which facilitates data storage on Arweave, making it the first time the former is exploring another Arweave storage gateway.

The move to integrate with Bundlr was spurred by the desire to produce a customisable solution for mainnet which is due in 2023. Before the integration, KYVE uploaded data directly to the Arweave blockchain.

Partnering with Bundlr is paying off, KYVE said. The protocol said the integration has significantly scaled up the transaction speeds from KYVE to Arweave, enhancing the user experience.

Bundlr is said to process more than 90 percent of Arweave transactions. The collaboration with KYVE would see the number of transaction Bundlr processes increase.

In addition to Bundlr, KYVE’s users may soon have other pathways to store data.

KYVE aims to provide a secure, customisable experience for those needing to source and implement trustless data. Therefore, providing different options for our users to immutably store this data is a big focus for us, Chief Technology Officer John Letey told Arweave News.

The protocol could be regarded as one of the more successful in the Arweave ecosystem in 2022. KYVE, in a post reviewing its performance in 2022, early this week, said it had created new products, partnered with top layer one chains, raised $9 million in funding rounds and grew its community to more than 130,000.

For 2023, KYVE revealed that it would audit its code, push final updates as it prepares to go mainnet and explore opportunities in Web2 through partnerships.

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