KYVE Launches Mainnet After Two Years Of Building

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After two years of building, KYVE Network successfully went live on the mainnet, making way for the firm to fully provide access to validated data to developers and other users, the project announced on Tuesday.

KYVE, which removes obstacles to access on- and off-chain data as well as makes data a public good, grew to launch its own layer one chain built with the Cosmos SDK after starting as an Arweave smart contract.

With KYVE, we aim to make data a public good for a trustless future. Anyone working with data shouldn’t have to worry about the data’s integrity or the roadblocks they might face when trying to get to it, said KYVE’s Co-Founder and CEO, Fabian Riewe

The project said its focus, going forward, would be to make its blockchain layers stable. KYVE has a chain and protocol layer. While the chain layer is the core structure of the project, the protocol layer is the decentralised data lake where nodes extract, store and validate data. The project said in a mainnet roadmap that its focus is to make its layer as strong as possible before proceeding to the protocol layer.

Chris Zhong, technical director at the Interchain Foundation said KYVE’s mainnet launch thrills him.

With KYVE, free and easy access to trustless data is now possible, Zhong said.

In two years, KYVE has grown to integrate major chains including NEAR, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Solana. It raised $13 million in funds and its incentivised testnet got more than 43,000 users.

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