Kwil partners with BlockVision to create Decentralised Web3 database

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Kwil has managed to seal the deal on yet another partnership. This time around with BlockVision.

Kwil is best known for its decentralised SQL development on Web3. The partnership will allow Kwil to use its knowledge and expertise to help BlockVision decentralize its structured data storage, ensuring that users are retrieving data from decentralized, scalable, and highly available SQL databases.

The BlockVision and Kwil Partnership

Luke Lamey posted about the partnership in his blog on Medium.

BlockVision is a multi-chain Node, Mempool, FT, NFT, and DeFi API provider that offers real-time data retrieval – essentially a one-stop development platform and an on-chain data retrieval portal for developers. It is known for its low latency and high availability that is achieved via the distributed multi-node architecture.

BlockVision is already live on:

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Chain
  • Arbitrum
  • Polygon
  • Optimism

BEN JONES – the co-founder and Chief Scientist of Optimism – speaks highly of BlockVision as seen on their website.

The Ethereum developer stack is constantly evolving and improving. One of the most important features of Optimism is to be able to perfectly support the rapidly evolving tooling landscape with EVM equivalence. We’re very excited to have BlockVision contributing to that by integrating their advanced APIs.

BlockVision gives back time, so to speak, to web3 developers, by providing them with a suite of tools that help them reach their goals easier and faster. Developers no longer need to worry about issues like Web3 data indexing being intricate, resource-heavy, time-consuming, and requiring multi-chain dApp compatibility.

BlockVision describe itself as “The next generation Web3 on-chain Data Indexing Portal”, and provide Seamlessly obtain any on-chain data you want. Lightning-fast response times and efficient performance.

Providing multi-chain Node, Mempool, FT, NFT, and DeFi API.

Extremely low cost, and easy management of all chains in one place.

BlockVision’s unique approach to on-chain data analytics and indexing is a game-changer for developers building on decentralized technologies. Kwil is excited to work with BlockVision further establish their solution as a market leader by providing a robust, trustless, structured data store— Brennan Lamey, Founder and CEO of Kwil

According to the blog post by Lamey, the best data storage layer is a decentralized one that aligns with blockchain technology’s permissionless access, immutability, and composability. This is exactly where Kwil comes into play. Kwil will provide decentralized structured storage data to BlockVision, enabling the platform’s users to retrieve data from decentralized, scalable, and high-performant databases. 

Decentralized structured data storage is a critical need of the BlockVision technical stack. We are excited to work with Kwil to decentralize our SQL database, ensuring that BlockVision users maintain data integrity and authenticity — Lis L., Co-founder of BlockVision.

More on Kwil

In case you haven’t already seen, Kwil recently created “Tables as a Protocol” which allows developers to specify custom logic rules for their databases that in turn dictate how and when users can interact with them and write to them.

By enforcing this logic into their databases, they are virtually creating permissionless protocols where no bad actors are able to write false or malicious data to the database.

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