Koii to increase holders’ KOII balances by 1000x ahead of token sale

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Koii, the protocol behind the new web3 attention economy, will airdrop 1000x each holder’s current token balance as the team balances the platform’s tokenomics in preparation for public sale.

The total supply of Koii will be upped from 10,000,000 to 10,000,000,000. Anna from the Koii team told us, “we wanted to make tokens easier for people to access, so we made enough tokens for every person on the planet (10 billion initial supply)”.

As well as the balance for current holders increasing, the protocol’s flagship site will reward 1000x more KOII per view. Koii states that the inflation rate of tokens is approximately 3.65% per year, dropping slightly annually as the burn rate increases.

(source: Koii lightpaper)

The pre-sale for whitelisted investors is already underway, but the public sale is due to start around September/October 2021. Koii is already offering the public early access to the public sale to one winner of their July contest.

An ongoing contest to win Koii tokens is underway which hints that the dollar value for KOII is already decided. The contest, hosted here on, will give away $100k worth of KOII split between 500+ winners.

The 1000x token increase for current holders is expected to happen within the next two weeks.

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