How to Use 4EVERLAND Bucket as Storage for Arseeding

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Arseeding is a lightweight Arweave data seed node. It is mainly used to synchronise, cache and broadcast transaction and data. Arseeding is compatible with all http api interfaces of Arweave nodes and also provides bundle transaction api.
4EVERLAND Bucket is an AWS S3 compatible storage platform for decentralised storage. Embrace the open web instead of the cloud – Bucket makes it easy to upload, store, pin and fetch files from IPFS & Arweave in a secure, convenient, and efficient way. This includes UI, API, and CLI interface.
More details: 4EVERLAND Bucket

Getting Started

  1. Get Arseeding

Download Arseeding from the link below:
  1. Preparation before starting the service

Arseeding previous offered two storage types: BoltDB (local storage) and AWS S3 (cloud storage), but now 4EVERLAND offers an alternative decentralisation option.
Here we use the S3-compatible 4EVERLAND Bucket as storage for Arseeding, so that Arseeding can be made unlimitedly extensible. (For maintaining a service that uploads large amounts of data to Arseeding and is not limited by local storage)

How to get started with 4EVERLAND Bucket:

Sign up for a 4EVERLAND Bucket and create your own bucket (You can log in to 4EVERLAND using Github or your wallet).
Find the Key and Secret in the bucket you just created and save them.
Note: Avoid simple names when creating a bucket, in case the bucket already exists.
  1. Running Arseeding

You should config some environmental variables first.
Your command line should include:
$ export USE_4EVER=true
$ export S3_ACC_KEY=Access key ID
$ export S3_SECRET_KEY=Secret access key
$ export S3_PREFIX=your prefix
Due to the global acceleration service provided by 4EVERLAND, the region settings can be saved directly by default.
$ export S3_REGION=region
Also, leave the other parameters as default.
  1. How to use Arseeding

The official Arseeding documentation lists details of how to use it. Check more information here.

Arseeding, as a lightweight Arweave data seed node, solves the long-standing problem of the Arweave ecosystem relying heavily on the gateway. Transactions sent to the Arweave gateway are sent in the same way to the Arseed server, which receives them and broadcasts them to all nodes in the network. This feature ensures that transactions are received in a timely manner in the pending pools of all nodes, increasing the speed at which transactions can be packaged. In addition, the Arseeding team has recently announced the completion of support for 4EVERLAND, allowing developers to use Arseeding’s services perfectly with 4EVERLAND without having to configure parameters such as EndPoint.

Happy Building!


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.
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