Groundhog NFT by Darkblock predicts the end of crypto winter!

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Darkblock has been having some festive fun with their protocol that allows unlockable content to be attached to NFTs. They have come up with a fun and quirky way to showcase their protocol with… wait for it…

A groundhog NFT that predicts the end of crypto winter!

So. Do you want to find out if crypto winter is over yet, claim a free NFT, and learn how to replicate the project yourself?

Let’s dive in!

(Nothing in this article is financial advice)

Groundhog Day with Darkblock

Groundhog Day is a cherished holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada that signals the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Every year on February 2nd, the nation watches as Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog, emerges from his burrow to either see his shadow or not. If he sees his shadow, it is said to signal six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, spring is said to be just around the corner.

This year, Darkblock has added a new twist to the celebration with the launch of its Cryptotawney Phil project. In honour of Groundhog Day, it put together a website – in just 1.5 hours – where users can mint a free Cryptotawney Phil NFT and immediately unlock the attached file. The attached file contains a prediction about whether crypto winter is over or not.

Ok, so the NFT can’t legitimately predict whether crypto winter is over or not, just like a groundhog can’t predict seasonal change and the upcoming climate. And it’s worth reiterating here that nothing in this article is financial advice. The groundhog would also like to second that.

By using the occasion of Groundhog Day to launch the website, Darkblock not only highlights the potential of its technology but also creates a fun and engaging experience for users who are interested in learning more about it. In just a few clicks, users can authenticate and claim their free NFT on the website and subsequently see Cryptotawney Phil’s prediction. At the time of writing, 30 NFTs have already been minted on the site.

Replicate the Groundhog (Déjà vu not included)

Darkblock have provided instructions for anyone that wants to replicate the website themselves, with their own idea. The process involves a few simple steps.

First, you will need to come up with a concept for what you want to include in the Darkblock (aka hidden content) and create a cover and media to accompany the NFT. Next, you will need to register a new domain name and set up a one-page static site using S3. Then, you can go to Thirdweb and create a new NFT edition drop on either the Polygon or Solana blockchain. After that, you will need to embed the Thirdweb NFT minter on your site (with the code that is generated) and locate your NFT on 

Finally, you will need to customise (add the blockchain platform, NFT contract address, and token ID info) and embed the Darkblock Viewer code into your static HTML page. 

See the full guide and instructions here.

That’s it!

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