Gitopia’s Janus Testnet Gets New Features, Upgrades And Onboards Validators Ahead of Mainnet Launch

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Gitopia, a code collaboration platform, said on Tuesday that it had upgraded its Janus Testnet and added new features, creating an opportunity for its first set of validators to be onboarded to run nodes as it prepares for mainnet launch.

Although it did not state when it will launch mainnet, Gitopia said that Janus Testnet has recorded success since its launch in April 2022 – with more than 54,000 repositories being created by 43,000 distinct addresses. Gitopia said in a blog that feedback from users helped its building effort. The project has partnered with organisations including TezIndia Foundation on Web3 hackathons and incentivisation for builders regardless of ecosystem.

Positioning itself as an alternative to existing code repositories, Gitopia said its platform’s decentralised structure protects developers and open-source communities from being victims of censorship. An example of such is the recent suspension of open-source developers linked to sanctioned Russian organisations and the removal of Tornado Cash repositories from Github and suspension of it’s developers and contributors.

These are some of the incidents where communities embraced the need for a decentralised code collaboration platform Gitopia is building, Gitopia said.

Gitopia rolled out a series of features to the Janus Testnet. One of them is the strengthening of its storage by backing git repositories on permanent storage including Arweave and Filecoin.

All open-source repositories created on Gitopia now have their permanent and safe home on the blockchain without fearing unfair censorship… This will ensure permanent and uninterrupted data availability for your repositories on Gitopia, it said.

Other features include Gitopia profiles which allows users to set unique and human-readable names for wallet addresses and enjoy enhanced user profile view with information such as latest repositories, latest transitions and contribution history.

Projects could make detailed information, including latest development, available to contributors through the DAO profile and dashboard feature.

DAO Dashboard acts as a control center for managing the DAO created on Gitopia. Currently, you can add collaborators, add new repositories and provide authorisations specific to your DAO from here, the firm said.

Gitopia said it implemented performance improvement and bug fixes. The fixes and improvement which amounts to at least 12 are expected to ensure a smooth and fast platform for users.

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