Gitcoin’s GR15 New Matching Partners To Support Web 3 Security, User Experience And China’s Ethereum Community

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Big tech investors and Web3 communities have joined Grants Round (GR) 15 resulting in the creation of new ecosystem rounds that promote infrastructure, blockchain security and Chinese developer ecosystem. This was mentioned by Gitcoin which manages the Grants Round.

The latest partnership which comes a week to the Launch of GR15 on Sept. 7 between Gitcoin and a16z Crypto, Forta Network PlanckerDAO and Scroll has resulted in three new ecosystem rounds adding to existing nine rounds and matching funds reaching over $1.3 million.

a16z $300,000 infrastructure round matching fund is for projects that are focused on improving user and developer experience, as well as growing the ecosystem. Open source developers in the area of zero-knowledge proof, infrastructure and ETH 2.0, layer 2 ecosystem and smart contract languages could get support from a16z Crypto.

Funds will be disbursed using the Quadratic Funding (QF) system where projects get funding equal to the support they get from the Web3 community.

With QF, the number of unique contributors matters more than the amount funded, giving power to the majority and not the wealthiest[…] a16z Crypto believes this is a fantastic way to let our community decide which project deserves funding, a16z Crypto said in a brief.

PlanckerDao and Scroll, which are funding open source projects that are developing the Ethereum Community and ecosystem in Greater China, said they aim to help the Ethereum community become more diverse and prosperous. Greater China is an informal geographical area that shares commercial and cultural ties with the Chinese people.

But generally speaking, if you have any connection to Chinese culture, we consider you part of the Greater China community, no matter where you come from or what you do, Plancker stated, adding: “Ethereum is a vibrant community and there are many potential projects and excellent developers in Greater China.”

Plancker and Scroll will also use QF to disburse $50,000 of funds which will be paid in DAI.

Forta Foundation is channeling 100,000 FORT in funds to projects that are building tools to protect Web3 from attacks by hackers. It said its goals are to encourage the building of security bots that empower decentralised finance technology and give back to the decentralised community.

The foundation said it was interested in security bot projects including those that could detect chain attacks, harmful new accounts, money laundering, among others.

Existing matching partners in the GR 15 are Polygon, Unlock Protocol, Web3 Social, ENS, Aurora, Ethereum Infrastructure, Open Gaming, Lootverse and ZK Tech.

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