Fantom Chain Added To The Graph’s MIP Programme

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Web3 data indexing and query layer, The Graph, is adding support for Fantom blockchain as part of its migration infrastructure provider programme (MIP), the firm said on Wednesday.

The Graph said core developers and indexers are working to enable developers on Fantom to use the decentralised network to power their decentralised applications. Grants will remove the up front costs of network migration.

Fantom, a layer 1 blockchain which launched its mainnet in December 2019 following a $40 million fund raise, aims to provide an alternative to high cost and low speed that users of Ethereum complain about.

The MIP which began in September 2022 and set to end in the first quarter of 2023 is meant to incentivise indexers to add support for new chains on the decentralised network and enhance multi-chain subgraphs. Indexers and subgraph developers in the MIPs will be incentivised from a 75 million GRT allocation to the programme.

In January 2023, The Graph announced that four chains including Arbitrium, Avalanche, Celo, Optimism would be added through the MIP programme, joining Gnosis and Polygon which had been added through the incentivisation programme.

New chain will be announced throughout the MIPs programme, based on indexer readiness, demand and community sentiment…Indexers participating in the MIPs programme will choose which chains they are interested in supporting and will earn rewards per chain, in addition to earning query fees and indexing rewards on the network for serving subgraphs, The Graph stated in August last year.

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