everPay now supports BSC to bring BNB assets into the Arweave ecosystem

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everPay, the real-time financial protocol on Arweave, now supports BNB Smart Chain (BSC) in bringing BNB assets into the Arweave ecosystem.

If you are an evePay and BSC user, now you can,

  • Bridge assets from BSC to the Arweave ecosystem;
  • Use BNB assets to pay for storing data to Arweave through the Arseeding;
  • Experience real-time and 0 gas fee transactions in the everPay network
  • Tipping in Discord channel through the Discord bot with BNB token

Want to know more about how to do that?

Following the tutorial below.

Connect everPay with Metamask

Head to on your web browser. Click on ‘Open Wallet’ – ‘Connect Wallet’ and select ‘BSC’ – ‘Metamask’.  Then enter your MetaMask wallet password and switch to the BSC network to connect your MetaMask wallet to everPay.

Deposit Assets on BSC

After you’ve connected your wallet to everPay, click on ‘Bridge’, select ‘BNB’, enter the desired deposit amount then click on ‘Deposit’. This will be followed by the need to enter your wallet password. Your deposit will require some time to be confirmed.


Click on ‘Transfer’ on the transaction page, select ‘BNB’, enter the transfer amount and the recipient’s address, and then click ‘Transfer’ to confirm the transaction. After confirming the transaction, the recipient can view the tokens received on the everPay account.

Withdraw assets to BSC

Select the ‘BNB’ token, enter the desired withdrawal amount and the receiver’s address, and click ‘Withdraw’. When withdrawing a token, please leave enough tokens on everPay to cover the estimated fees to ensure a successful withdrawal.

If you have any problem when you use everPay, please contact us via discord:

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