EthSign uses Arseeding to upload data to Arweave

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EthSign now uses the open-source development tool Arseeding, produced by everFinance, to upload data to Arweave for permanent storage.

As an Arweave data seed node, Arseeding provides an Arweave light gateway that EthSign can run and host themselves. They can also now sponsor all upload costs for their users, so users are no longer required to have sufficient funds in their wallets to complete a signature. This provides a more seamless experience by reducing the number of post-login wallet popups in the user flow to only the private key signature. 

Jack Xu, Co-Founder & CTO of EthSign, said: From the developer’s standpoint, Arseeding implementation is extremely easy through Docker. The solution requires minimal maintenance on our end. The API key system allows us to customize our access permissions to restrict upload access to our gateway.

Arseeding reduces transaction fees by supporting the bundling of multiple uploads into a single transaction. It also saves backup copies of all uploaded data in AWS S3 instances and does not require syncing with the entire Arweave blockchain (~80TB at this point), which is very convenient. Although EthSign now supports all user upload fees, the costs have not significantly increased. 

EthSign also has more ideas for expanding into the Arweave ecosystem:

The Arweave ecosystem is constantly iterating and has proven very dependable and solution-oriented, Jack Xu said, ”Down the line, we hope to build an EVM-agnostic version of EthSign using SmartWeave, the Arweave network’s native smart contract protocol that supports computation-heavy dApps.”

About Arseeding

Arseeding is an Arweave light node serving Permaweb. In solving the problem of the explosion of the Arweave full node state, developers only focus on their application data without having to deploy over 80 TB of Arweave full nodes. It’s fully open-sourced and can be deployed as well as used by any developer. It’s a fully distributed and decentralized hosting of the application data. Learn more:

About EthSign

EthSign is building the interface between Web2 and Web3 by connecting legal agreements and smart contracts. It presents open-sourced infrastructures and scenario-specific applications to accelerate Web3 globally. Learn more:

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