Eighth everPay auction feat. ArDrive! Everything you need to know

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In a few days, everPay will host the Eighth auction. We’re super excited to have ArDrive come have partaken in an auction with us.

ArDrive’s NFTs were made by XaviZedd.

So what’s ArDrive?

ArDrive is a permanent, secure, always-on data storage application for a simple, one-time price. It stores all types of documents, photos, and videos in an indelible digital vault to keep them secure for a lifetime.

ArDrive is an application that is built on top of Arweave.

Think of a fancy two-layer wedding cake. Arweave is simply the base layer of the cake, and ArDrive is the layer on top of that, alongside many other apps.

While files can be uploaded one at a time to Arweave directly, ArDrive is the primary way to get large numbers of personal files onto Arweave efficiently.

Arweave has a vision of becoming a modern Library of Alexandria, which was an ancient library designed to house the universal knowledge of humanity. Most of us do not have books or documents or photos that would even make it into our local library, but that doesn’t mean our files are not important. ArDrive gives the average individual the ability to get their files into this new Library of Alexandria as well. We can all be part of this collaborative system that allows us to store our data for generations to come.

With the get-to-know ArDrive explanation above, we move on to their NFT project. Art made by XaviZedd. Here’s an explanation of what they plan on doing.

The nine original Dragon Turtles are cute and collectible profile pictures (PFPs) that symbolize the permanence and determination of Arweave’s network. The NFTs’ metadata and image files will be stored using ArDrive, Web3’s leading permanent storage solution for artistic works.

The Dragon Turtles are each accompanied by a pet elephant “Permapunk.” In the next phase of the project, each Dragon Turtle holder will be airdropped one of 88 Permapunk NFTs, a new collection stored on ArDrive.

Lore: The Dragon Turtles’ story begins with the ancient Library of Alexandria. During the decade preceding the Library’s fall, the head librarian summoned the original nine Dragon Turtles to protect the world’s knowledge from dark forces. An evil warlock rose to destroy the Library, sending humanity back to the dark ages. He fought the Dragon Turtles with dark magic, turning them to stone — a curse that lasted until the Library was rebuilt. With the launch of Arweave and ArDrive, the Dragon Turtles are back to guard humanity’s knowledge against those who would seek to erase it.

About XaviZedd

XaviZedd is a Canadian digital artist and NFT enthusiast from the Rocky Mountains. He’s passionate about Web3, decentralized networks, and permanent storage. Xavi has NFT collections on the Fantom Opera network. A member of the Pinky Swear artists’ collective (@pinkyswearNFTs), his art has been featured at the Pinky Swear Auction Palace, the Potluck Cross-Chain Auction, and Tombheads Auction House.

Event Time

Starting on 18–06–2022 at 3 PM GMT+1. The auction ends when the last bid is 12 hours old.

Get whitelisted for the auction and will be able to bid 15-minutes before everyone else!
everPay x ArDrive feat. Xavi Zedd auction! (

The simple explanation of the rules.

Below you’ll have rules to read over before participating in the auction, we have a simplified version as well as a more degen version further down.

1. With this auction, the minimum bid will be 5% greater than the current winning bid in order for your bid to be successful. The starting minimum amount will be 0.01AR. The proceeds from the auction will be distributed back to the community, artists, and previous NFT winners.

2. NFT holders from past activities (Liquidity mining, Auctions) will receive 20% of all proceeds.

3. Users who actively partake in the auction and get outbid will receive 50% of the proceeds (from when the user gets outbid).

4. The artist will receive 20% of all proceeds.

5. People who refer others will receive 10% of all proceeds (From the users that were referred).

6. A timer has been set for when bidding stops. If there hasn’t been a bid on a certain NFT for 12 hours. That particular NFT auction will close. Every NFT has its own timer.

7. Every Time you have a successful bid, you’ll have to wait 3 seconds cooldown period before being able to bid once more.

8. The only way to bid will be by using AR. The only place to bid will be on If you don’t have AR on everPay, you can do one of two things:

  • How to Deposit AR: If you have AR, you can deposit AR or wAR;
  • Buy AR in everPay: Purchase AR by using either USDC or USDT with our feeless cross-chain dex (You can deposit USDC/USDT on everPay in order to swap to AR)

How NFTs are distributed and NFT utility reminder

NFTs are issued on Ethereum as well as Arweave and will be distributed sequentially to the Ethereum addresses filled in by the bidders after the auction ends.

Each NFT, that is obtained by the winners of the auctions, will have use cases.

With the announcement of Permaswap also came the announcement of what these NFTs would be used for. NFTs earned from auctions will be used as entry tickets in order to liquidity mine on Permaswap. 50% of the total supply of tokens will be used as incentive mining.

Happy Bidding!

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