Effective Communication Aids Web3 Product User Experience

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Web3 projects need to do more to enlighten users about their products in order to increase the chances of adoption and enhance user experience. The above-mentioned was stated by panelists at a discussion forum organised by Koii Network on Wednesday.

The processes of utilising many Web3 products, including acquiring tokens and opening wallets could create barriers for end-users that are not aware of why such processes are necessary. Speakers of the forum advocate for simplified onboarding procedures.

When you add tokens or entities to a game, you’re just adding an external layer of very clunky user experience and that is what I think intimidates a lot of these people, said Parth Bhalla, a speaker and founder of Threely.

And then people lose interest and they kind of just give up and that’s the last thing anyone ever wants, is someone to just abandon their experience, thinks Rebekah Keida, speaker and director of marketing at XBTO and founder of Vysical.

The panelists emphasised that the design of Web3 products should be guided by the result of the feedback from end-users.

I feel like that’s the crypto problem; you got a lot of developers creating products that other developers and tech people love but when it gets to the mass market, people are like – this makes me feel dumb, Keida said.

He explained that Web3 is at a stage where infrastructure is still being built. He noted that it was important to “communicate why this (product) is going to be good for the end user and then also definitely make the actual onboarding easy so that you know – sure, I get why it’s good for me. But if I’m not able to actually use this or hop on board, you know it doesn’t sell my purpose”.

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