Drip by Solana Spaces offers free Weekly NFT drops

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NFTs. Some people believe in them, and others do not. The real question is: how many people really understand what they are? If you are Solana Spaces, you are asking a different question: who wants some free ones that come with free future perks and benefits?

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Drip by Solana Spaces

You may have heard lots of chitchat going around that the NFT market has crashed, and it was all just a scam or a fad. The truth is that NFTs are more than just media (e.g. images, video, music, etc.). An NFT is an underlying technology behind the media itself – a simple piece of information stored on a blockchain which is unique and can be tracked. However, one great use case for that technology has been media. And that use case has helped many artists in the digital media space monetise their art in a fairer way than the traditional Web2 space has the ability to.

NFT enthusiasm is still high to this day, and NFTs (most likely) are not going anywhere any time soon. The benefits creators can get from them are too high to simply abandon. The Solana ecosystem is no stranger to NFTs. In fact, it has played a major role in the NFT space ever since its ecosystem flourished – after the pre-Merge Ethereum network became cluttered, slow, and highly expensive to trade NFTs on. 

On that note, now we see the creation of a new drop coming from Solana Spaces. It is called Drip, and it promises to provide users with a free One-of-One NFT made by top creators (sent straight to their wallet) every week.

In their thread, Solana Spaces mentioned that Drip will be a hub for Solana Spaces NFTs and loyalty rewards. According to the thread, users that collect the NFT drops will be eligible for future rewards like merchandise, white-listings, and even more NFTs. They compared the importance of Drip (or seemingly more accurately the process of dropping free NFTs) to that of mailing lists found in the Web1 and Web2 spaces.

In order to use Drip, users must connect their Phantom wallet to the platform. The process then requires verification of their Twitter account. Already, many users are flocking to Twitter to verify their accounts in order to receive the free NFTs. The Twitter account verification process can be seen in this tweet from user “iamsalvamartini”:

Drip originally started out as NFT List. The rebranded platform has stated that anyone who signed up for NFT List would automatically have their wallet addresses imported into Drip and the new airdrop list.


Sure, everybody likes free things. And as Solana Spaces mentioned in their thread, this may be a great way to onboard people into Web3. However, if these NFTs currently have or ever gain value, be sure not to forget to include them in your tax form. Getting fined by the tax man because you received a free image of a monkey could cause major headaches.

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