Dojima Network Launches Wallet for Cross-chain Operations

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Dojima network, a protocol which helps users to operate cross-chain, on Thursday, released its wallet. The wallet allows users to store, manage and swap crypto assets from a single wallet.

Built on Hermes layer and the Dojima Chain, Dojima Network aims to develop a cross-chain infrastructure that will enable interoperability between different blockchains in combination with a middle-ground called a “unity chain” that will enable developers and users from independent blockchains to meet and interact.

Dojima wallet is powered by its native token, DOJ, features simple and accessible design and supports layer one platforms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Arweave, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot.

The wallet will incorporate Dojima Network native cross-chain functionality, which would enable users to directly interact with other independent blockchains and decentralized applications (dapps) without necessarily having to move between one blockchain or the other to transact, thereby consolidating all their crypto assets in one place, irrespective of the ecosystem involved, Dojima Network said in a statement.

On security, the Network said that users could gain access to funds in the wallet by recalling a mnemonic seed phrase encrypted in a local storage with passwords they choose. The wallet is decrypted by the password, Dojima said, warning that the password does not protect the seed phrase if it is recovered elsewhere.

The wallet app does not transmit any sensitive data back to the developers, and we cannot access your assets under any circumstance should you lose access to your seed phrase. Seed generation and storage happens solely on your device, so it’s up to you to ensure the security of that device, Dojima Network said.

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