Dojima Network And Avatea Form Strategic Partnership Targeting User Experience Improvement

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Dojima Network, a cross-chain functionality platform has reached a strategic partnership deal with a token management platform, Avatea, to develop a market-making and customer engagement solutions the former said will improve overall users’ experience.

Dojima said it found “interesting” Avatea’s aim of leveraging decentralised finance technology including decentralised exchanges and liquidity providers to get crypto investors into market-making activities in a non-custodial manner.

Subsequently, there will be opportunities to explore further developments, Dojima Network said.

It is a partnership that will get Dojima Network, a platform which facilitates smooth building of decentralised apps across chains and on multiple platforms integrated into Avatea. The duo is expected to the expand the deal to collaborations on promotions and community activities including Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Dojima Network’s founders began discussing collaboration opportunities with Avatea whose founder they met at Token 2049 in Singapore in 2022, an event organised annually in Singapore and London where decision-makers in the global crypto ecosystem connect to exchange ideas, network and shape the industry, Akhil Pune, Dojima Network’s co-founder said at an interview on Twitter after the announcement.

Pune said Avatea is good for decentralised market-making and the slippage control mechanism on the platform where holders of tokens cannot sell after a certain threshold according to the set up by the creator of the token.

So this stops maximum slippage in case of market downturns. So it’s a protection mechanism for Avatea company and they have designed a very good mechanism, Pune said, adding that it is also beneficial to users of the platform.

Meanwhile, Dojima Network has announced the winners of its meme competition organised alongside Youmeme. Pune said the network received over 100 submissions from which three were selected and 200 USDT will be distributed.

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