DeChat Eliminates Backend Server Operations To Become More Decentralised

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DeChat, an application which offers censorship resistant discussion platform for their users, no longer runs on backend server. This makes it more decentralised and faster, its founder David Choi has said.

The latest update converted the application to a native app through Tauri, a framework that allows web apps written with JavaScript to run as native apps using Rust as the backend.

In short it’s faster, said Choi about the positives of DeChat’s conversion to a native app.

“A native app is an app that runs entirely on the client native runtime. Normally apps are built with a front end, client and a backend server.”

DeChat was one of the eight projects showcased in the fourth edition of the Open Web Foundry held in September 2021. Arweave News had reported that DeChat was created to address the injustice of Twitter’s ban policies.

Content censorship is common on centralised social media, but for users who desire unrestrained freedom, it’s a turnoff. The absence of censorship on decentralised social platforms gives some users safety concerns.

Cho said DeChat does not take on the responsibility of determining what is “offensive, harmful, good, evil, proper, correct, incorrect” but users would be empowered to select contents they desire to view and vote in approval or disapproval of contents, making the former gain more exposure to users compared to the latter.

Content can be posted by anyone for any reason, at any time. And there will be no blocking of either contents or accounts from posting by a central authority at DeChat, he said.

However, the same freedom will be given to users viewing content. Users will be able to individually decide which content they dislike and block the creator.

Search results and suggestions will promote liked content and not promote disliked content.

There are also plans to create an NFT marketplace that allows users to earn money on the app by converting posts to NFTs.

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