AN Ramps Speed And Decentralisation With Meson Network

0 258 has enhanced the performance of weave-aggregator and the Arweave Name Service resolver web app by deploying Meson Network’s decentralised content delivery network, both projects announced on Wednesday.

The weave aggregator which sums public feeds from protocols that use Arweave as a storage solution allows developers to create a frontend for the timeline of the permaweb. The Arweave Name Service resolver web app which is being built will help to resolve a web page hosted on Arweave.

All contents aggregated by the weave-aggregator are being accelerated much better now. Also, the ANS resolver web app ( now uses Meson Network to fetch and parse data from Arweave Network, and Meson Network said in a joint statement.

Meson’s architecture provides decentralised caching using over 30,000 nodes by serving as a gateway with custom endpoint URL. The caching service allows data to be stored in a way that allows future requests for such data to be served faster.

We’re thrilled to support and scale the Web3 infrastructure with our partners together. It’s been a while in the crypto space to try these kinds of solutions for cross chain. Ark Protocol makes a step for the perception of the data/assets and we are expected to see more incoming progress, Sherlock Shi, co-founder and CEO of Meson Network said.

For the Founder of who prefers to be referred to as Darwin, infusing Meson’s system is about speed in content delivery and decentralisation. stores all data on-chain but uses a few helper APIs to faster parse and deliver it to users. With Meson, we are able to improve the performance and decentralisation of these APIs and offer a better experience for users and developers, Darwin said.

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