Darkblock Unlockable Party Packs are here!

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Darkblock, the Arweave utilising protocol for unlockable content, has just announced its latest feature – Unlockable Party Packs, aka UPPs!

UPPs offer an additional way for creators to offer and monetise their content via Web3 tech.

Let’s have a look at how this is achieved.

UPP, UPP, and Away!!

What is UPP?

Darkblock allows users to create add-on content for any of their NFTs, which can, in turn, be unlocked via its parent NFT.

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Now, Unlockable Party Packs allow creators to offer unlockable NFT content to physical attendees of their events. Via the use of the Darkblock protocol a “Darkblock” is created, which is where the encrypted digital content lives. This content is hidden from anyone but holders of specified NFTs.

The UPPs were originally debuted at the biggest NFT event of the year, NFT NYC, during the “Beyond the Metaverse Party” hosted by Spatial, Ready Player Me, and David Cash.

During the event, the use case of UPPs was demonstrated to the attendees. The attendees were given physical cards that displayed unique QR codes on them. Anyone that scanned the QR code would gain access to photos taken by the event’s photographer (after going through a simple wallet verification process).

The type of digital content that can be uploaded to an NFT Darkblock is not limited to images however, but can be any digital content imaginable.

The demonstration showcased how people who were able to prove they were at the event (via wallet verification) could access the Darkblock content.

The concept is that (via the use of UPPs) creators, or event organisers, now have a tool to share one lot of content (e.g. an event’s photos) with multiple people, giving them a type of shared ownership status. UPPs can be added to any Proof of Presence (PoP) NFT (event tickets, attendance NFTs, etc).

And one of the biggest upsides to using UPPs is that they are not time restrictive. Creators can select holders of any previously issued PoP NFT and upgrade that NFT retrospectively. Imagine for example a chart-topping artist offering exclusive access to backstage video content to attendees of their first ever gigs! Gigs they played before they even became famous.

The possibilities are endless, for example:

  • Offering access to member-only merch.
  • Offering exclusive access to upcoming events.
  • Distributing discount codes for future shows.

And as Darkblock likes to make things as simple and user friendly as possible, it comes as no surprise that using UPPs is easy as pie. Once the backend is taken care of by the NFT issuer, the end user will have no issues accessing the Darkblock. In the case of the “Beyond the Metaverse Party”, all the users had to do was scan a QR code.

The team at Darkblock, just like many Web3 projects that are aiming at onboarding new users, is currently helping event managers set up their own UPPs. Simply contact the team. Do so via their Twitter and Discord accounts.

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