Darkblock NFT Unlockables Come to SolSea

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Darkblock has officially integrated into SolSea, bringing the power of decentralised unlockable content to the massive user base of the Solana blockchain.

Darkblock’s decentralised protocol for unlockable content allows users to create an add-on for an NFT that is stored on the blockchain. This add-on comes in the form of locked content. The content is then unlocked via the NFT itself, with the NFT being the actual key. Only the NFT holders are able to view the locked content unless the creator offers the content for anyone to view.

Integration into all major blockchains is one of the main goals for Darkblock. In turn, it offers immense NFT utilities and capabilities to more users across the Web3 space. Their integration on SolSea is their latest achievement, and now creators on the Solana NFT platform are able to offer more value to the buyers of their NFTs.

Via the utilisation of the Darkblock API and the Darkblock Javascript widget, SolSea was able to easily add unlockable content to their list of features. Upon uploading an NFT to SolSea, creators will see the option to attach an encrypted asset to that NFT. All they need to do is click on the checkbox to add this feature to their content. The encrypted asset is stored within a “Darkblock”.

From the perspective of the collector, or passer-by, the NFT that will initially be visible on SolSea will act as a preview to what lies underneath. The NFT can be considered the wrapper, with the encrypted asset within the Darkblock being the real prize. After purchasing the NFT, the owner (or owners if the NFT is fractionalised) will have access to the previously hidden content.

The use case for this cannot be understated, as content creators on Solana now have a way to have control over how their material is distributed. Even copyrighted content like comics, full-length movies, and music, can now successfully be minted as NFTs on Solana. And for many avid collectors that wish to have their unique collection only visible to themselves or a small selection of people, Darkblock has them covered.

All NFT metadata and unlockable content, that is uploaded through Darkblock, is stored on Arweave’s Permaweb, guaranteeing permanence. The current limit for a Darkblock sits at 350MB. By holding the keys to their content, creators can guarantee the flow of income without unjust interference from middlemen.

To join the discussions happening between the Darkblock’s community of creators and developers, join their Discord server here.

“The NFTization of all digital content is coming, and with it various models of monetization. Darkblock is the key to establishing a decentralized creator economy” – Darkblock Manifesto

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