Darkblock and Pianity Partnership – NFTs, Web3 Music and Digital Unlockables

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It’s always a magical moment when two great projects come together providing users with an even more elevated experience.

This time round we have two Arweave utilising heavyweights joining forces.

Pianity X Darkblock!

Music NFT platform Pianity will now be integrating Darkblock’s digital unlockables protocol into their service.

With this move, Pianity will be able to offer its users the ability to attach decentralised, unlockable digital content to their music NFTs. Digital content that is, like all of Pianity’s existing NFTs, stored on Arweave’s Permaweb.

The teams behind both Darkblock and Pianity are well acquainted – they were both competing in the April 2021 Arweave Hackathon, so this partnership comes as no surprise.

Both projects have recently found themselves in the spotlight, and this dynamic duo can now take it to the next level.

Back in March 2022, Pianity raised a whopping $6.5m in venture capital raising a seed round. The move was aimed at furthering their efforts at partnering with major music industry giants, as well as onboarding more artists and further developing their protocol.

And even more recently, Darkblock announced that their protocol was officially integrating with SolSea, bringing the power of decentralised unlockable content to the massive user base of the Solana blockchain.

Both platforms have the same users in mind at the core of everything they do. That user, in this case, is the creator.

Web3 offers new ways for creators to get their content out into the world and monetise it more effectively. This is done by cutting out all the unnecessary middlemen that want to take a piece of the pie. Pianity has put control back into the hands of musicians, independent music reviewers and bloggers, and many more. Darkblock’s use case has had a more widespread approach – any NFT creator being able to implement the unique feature their protocol offers into their creations.

Read more about how Darkblock works here.

What this partnership means for the music community

In the world of music as an art form, you will always find the super dedicated fans that can’t get enough from their favourite artists. Many collect all the vinyls and t-shirts they can find, whilst others search the depths of the internet for all the bootleg footage they can find of them.

Now bear in mind, Darkblock’s unlockable content is unlocked via the use of its parent NFT that it is attached to. The wallet that holds that NFT will be able to access the hidden content, and the wallet owner can naturally chose who they want to share it with.

So now, artists releasing on Pianity will be able to offer their music in the form of an NFT that will include this underlying unlockable content. This will allow those artists to offer special perks to the fans who purchase the NFTs. The perks could come in any form imaginable to the artist but could include things such as:

  • Meet and greets with the artists themselves.
  • Tickets to special limited capacity acoustic sets.
  • Backstage passes.
  • Bonus content, such as original DEMO recordings, or even special edits of the songs.
  • Access to members-only areas, such as messaging groups.

But of course, sometimes collectors just want to keep their collections to themselves. Darkblock accommodates this too. You can also choose to not share your content with anyone. Maybe, since we are on the Permaweb, just store the key pair to your wallet, and hence NFT, in the Sarcophagus protocol, and have the rest of the world only see it once… when you no longer can. Talk about leaving a legacy.

Overall, this partnership can take the Web3 music NFT space to the next level.

Update on Pianity’s ArSnap

Pianity has been super busy, as of lately, with their Arweave-integrating Metamask extension, ArSnap.

They have just released the first Developer Preview of ArSnap, go check it out (however, be careful experimenting with it at this stage if you are not a developer).

Read more about ArSnap in our article here.

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