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Pianity has just dropped a new feature to its ever-growing platform. This time we have been introduced to Daily Picks, a new way for Pianity’s users to curate music by voting for the songs they love, all while earning more PIA. And all this just in time for the festive season!

Let’s take a closer look at Daily Picks!

Pianity Daily Picks

Pianity’s new feature, Daily Picks, is a new way for Pianity’s community to help curate new music on the platform. Every day, users will receive 100 votes to cast on a song from a selection of three Toplist picks.

You can vote by going to the Toplist section of the Pianity website. Once there, you can select which song you want to vote on. I’ll take you through the process.

Today there is a selection of three songs at the top:

  • You Got Me (ELECTRONIC)
  • Pictures (ELECTRONIC)

Being a big fan of rock music, I decided to vote for ELLE TU DIS QU’ELLE.

By clicking on the track, I was taken to the song’s page. There I was able to enter the number of votes I wanted to cast on the track. Right above the box where users enter the number of votes to cast, I could also see how many votes I had remaining. Since this was my first time voting, I still had all my 100 votes left.

I decided to cast one vote on the song as you can see in the screenshot below. I then clicked the Vote button. That took me to the vote confirmation page, showing me a brief summary of how many votes I was casting, and on which track, as well as the artist’s name. Underneath was a warning message notifying me that the voting process is final and that the action could not be undone. However, users can always come back later and cast more votes on the same track.

After hitting confirm, a pop-up in the top right corner of the browser appeared confirming that my vote had been cast. Heading back to the Toplist, I could see how many votes I had used towards the specific song.

It is as simple as that.

And if you run out of votes, no worries! Your 100 votes are replenished every day at 12 am UTC.

Earn PIA every time the song is voted

According to Pianity’s Twitter thread on the announcement “each time the song in the first position is voted by the community, 100 $PIA are distributed among the voters”. Furthermore, voting on the Daily Picks grants users more points towards climbing the Curator Leaderboard. That gives users a great new incentive to keep voting and curating the music on Pianity’s platform.

If you want to try this new feature out and help curate the future of Web3 music, head over to Pianity here.

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