Cross-chain DApp Building Facilitator Dojima Launches Own Chain Explorers, Partners With Metaverse, NFT Project

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Dojima Network, a platform which facilitates the building of cross-chain decentralised applications has released block explorers and Dojima FaaS (Function as a Service). Those two features the protocol says were created for the benefit of users of its service that launched testnet in December to an audience of developers in Bombay.

Dojima FaaS provides blockchain function services, including the calculation of gas rates for transactions, Dollar price of tokens, signing transactions and viewing transaction history. The Network said that Dojima FaaS currently supports Bitcoin, Arweave, Ethereum and Solana.

Bhagath Reddy, co-founder of Dojima Network said Dojima FaaS solves the problem of building multi-chain applications.

To build multi chain dapps, developers need to have the full knowledge of the chain like creating an account, retrieve public address, transaction to another wallet, Reddy told Arweave News.

“Faas allows developers to simply query the function using rest api and get the result. For any chain function like creating an account, retrieving balance, public address will be done with just faas endpoints, no need to have any chain knowledge.”

Also launched are two block explorers for the Dojima Network, the Dojima Bex and Hermes Bex. Reddy said Dojima bexes are beneficial to developers and users as they facilitate the exploration of blockchain transactions, daily transaction volume, block height and overall transactions involved in cross-chain transfers. The co-founder also added that the network also offers block explorer as a service (BEaaS) to help developers integrate blockchain services into their own product.

Meanwhile, Dojima began the new year with the announcement of a partnership with Galaxy Arena, a metaverse and NFT project. Galaxy will be deploying their NFT marketplace on Dojima Network. The collaboration is described by Dojima as strategic to its project.

“We will explore the possibility of deploying a token bridge that will allow both projects to transfer assets cross-chain,” Dojima said in a statement announcing the partnership. “In addition, the partnership will transcend through business and marketing relationships.”

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