Bundlr Wants to Build ‘Data Mutability’ For Web3 Gaming, Blockchain

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Bundlr’s focus for the next six months is to create a feature that allows business models to be built on the application and make data in an immutable context mutable, its founder, Josh Benaron said on Wednesday.

Benaron said he prioritises focus based on users desire. Bundlr had received requests to make it possible for users to easily take profit from the cost of storing on the application.

Which kind of makes sense from a business perspective[… ] and is going to be pretty useful from a consumer perspective because it allows you to build a kind of business model on top of Bundlr which is kind of pretty cool, he said.

What interests the founder of Bundlr, an application which facilitates storing of data on Arweave and is reportedly responsible for processing over 95 percent of transactions on Arweave, is data mutability.

So especially talking to gaming companies, Web3 gaming, specifically. The big interest is how do you do data mutability in the immutable world as well as crypto and blockchain and also permissibility. So how do you deal with mutability on immutablity layout, Benaron said.

It’s a complex problem and arguably an unsolved one, Benaron admits, adding that it would be Bundlr’s focus in the next six months.

This comes days after it launched a testnet signaling the beginning of efforts to fully decentralise Bundlr.  They kicked off an ambassador project and launched Preweave. The first testnest will be followed by multiple testnets before the mainnet is launched.

The goal of our first testnet is to test how nodes interact with each other and if they come to consensus. We will also be testing smart contracts, Bundlr said in a pre-launch statement.

In the testnet, 10 validators are randomly selected to run the network every 30 minutes. The validators ensure the transactions are moved from Bundlr’s network onto Arweave within 400 blocks, which is 800 minutes. Bundlr announced that it had over 1,100 validators and wanted more.

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