Bundlr Takes A Shot At Solving Data Integrity Issues With Proof-of-provenance

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Bundlr Network, a project which enables and scales data storage on Arweave, is introducing a Proof-of-provenance feature as a solution to data integrity issues, the firm said on Thursday as it unveils a new look for its logo.

We expect this to be a cornerstone piece of technology that developers will harness for use cases that require trustless transparency, Bundlr said in a press release.

A project which handles more than 90 percent of transactions on the Arweave blockchain, Bundlr said data integrity issues were becoming severe and frequent and that artificial intelligence technologies have made it more difficult to detect data that have been tampered with.

Bundlr, however, said that to solve the challenge, information pertaining to data such as who created it, when it was uploaded and other custom metadata.

With custom metadata which developers can achieve through Proof-of-provenance, categorising and searching for information has become easier. Instant and verifiable timestamping that proves, down to milliseconds, when data was uploaded – is possible through Proof-of-provenance.

This makes it possible for developers to build trustless provenance chains with granular creator attribution and the ability to create real verifiable systems, Bundlr also said.

In addition to creating new features, Bundlr also announced that its logo has taken a new look. It said the rebranding was done to visually represent the firm as the world’s data layer. New colours including Persian Orange, Peach Yellow and Seashell were introduced “in the spirit of the innovative path we’re embarking on”.

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