Build social on Arweave! announces a mini-hackathon with $11,000 in prizes

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Arweave-based social and identity protocol brought us Arweave Name Service (ANS) and the Ark API. Now, the project is announcing a hackathon to bring these two foundational components together in a social setting. 

The subject of the hackathon? ANS, Ark and An alpha version of the ANS profile explorer,, has been online for several months, but the team has just announced V2 – a rich web3 profile page tool which can fetch asset and identity data about users from 10 chains including Arweave and Ethereum.

Hack with Arweave data: ANS, Ark, and

The application is powered by Ark – a multichain identity attestation platform which makes it possible for an Arweave user to prove who they are on other chains, the POAPs they own, what their .eth name is, and more.

Combined with the weave-aggregator API, introduces a feed of permaweb interactions so it’s easy to see what your fellow Arweavers are uploading to ArDrive, posting to permacast, or sharing on Metaweave.

Speaking to the team, we found that the next step is to add fully-fledged social features to as a PoC build out their social graph and content publishing protocol.

The potential behind web3 identity

Darwin, CTO of, highlighted the issues with the state of web3 identity today:

Web3 identity is siloed. A new chain is a new you, with no way to prove who you are outside of a single ecosystem. The blockchain should be your app’s optimal back end, not an obstacle.

In practical terms, social and reputation systems for token-gating or vouching need a bigger picture of user identity. A web3 user is a sum of their POAPs, atomic NFT, staked DAO tokens, ANS name, and more. Ark bridges these identities into one, empowering developers to build more customised experiences and users to represent themselves fully.

Prizes, and how to get involved

The goal of the hackathon is to build UI components for which show off the full range of what the Ark API can display about a user.

There are so many ways to slice the data Ark and ANS provide, the contest invites imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.

“How can we slice and transform a user’s on-chain data and display it in a way that they’ll want to show off?”, the announcement prompts.

Some ideas suggested so far:

  • Add badges to show DAO and PSC membership
  • Aggregated tweets or other linked social web3 data sources like
  • Integrate Arweave’s Stamp protocol – show a user’s stamps, and allow users to stamp other profiles
  • Add more ways to get verified status with VouchDAO or with ArNS name linking
  • Expand existing components (e.g. build search and filters into the activity feed or collections view)
  • Build components for subsections of a user’s collection, e.g: all of their metaverse land, all of their ANS names…
  • Show a user’s permacast podcasts or Pianity tracks with the weave-aggregator

Prizes are announced as follows:

  • First prize: $4.5k USDC or AR + an Ark NFT of 0.3 ETH value
  • Runner-up pool: $6k USDC or AR, split between accepted entrants
  • Participation POAPs for entries

Details of the hackathon objectives can be found in this GitHub repository. Join the #hackathon channel in the Discord and check #app-ideas for inspiration!

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