Atomic Zombies Now Available to Mint: 10,000 Evolving NFTs on Koii and Arweave

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Atomic Zombies is the first large-scale generative NFT project on Koii. An initial drop of 10,000 zombies were released yesterday to be minted with either Arweave or Ethereum smart contract bases. Beyond just another static profile picture NFT project, Atomic Zombies have a few novel features: the evolve, and they respond to attention. Minting is now open at!

What are Atomic Zombies?

Atomic Zombies is a set of 10,000 NFTs and Koii’s first generative NFT project – here’s an example. The zombies are purchased with Koii or ETH tokens. What’s interesting is that these zombies are dynamic in terms of attention, meaning, the more a zombie is looked at, the more it evolves.

The zombies have twelve different characteristics – background, gender, jewelry, hair, clothes, facial hair, mouthpiece, impaling, glasses, mask, visor, hats, microphone. This makes for over five billion possible permutations.

Each day, the zombie with the most views receives the “Attention Crown” which changes owners every 24 hours. At the end of every 2 weeks a KOII reward will be distributed to the owner of the Atomic Zombie with the crown on the final day of the two week period. 

How are they minted and displayed?

The zombies can be minted either on Koii or Ethereum. Koii zombies take longer to appear, whereas Ethereum zombies have higher gas fees but are transferred faster. The cost of one zombie is either 10 KOII or 0.02 ETH. To get a Koii zombie you will also need Finnie – the Koii wallet.

Not to get too technical, the zombies are atomic NFTs running on SmartWeave. They are extremely efficient, thanks to Arweave which allows to store lots of data on blockchain making more complex and evolving NFTs possible. That is because the NFTs are not images but JavaScript code making it possible for the NFTs to evolve.

In essence, there is an app running which when a function is called displays zombies. Because of the large and cost effective upload capabilities, it is possible to make them dynamic rather than a single static file.

Go to and connect with the Finnie wallet to mint your zombie for 10 KOII – limited to one per user.

About the DKleine, the artist

DKleine is a writer, artist and a podcast host for NFP with DKleine. His work often involves zombie themes but this is his first project of this kind.

DKleine began exploring blockchain technology in 2016. Initially blogging and then writing for marketing teams, he eventually joined the team at Cointelegraph.

Through his writing, DKleine encountered figures who introduced him to the world of crypto art. He wrote about “Immutable Trash” for Cointelegraph Magazine and began his exploration of this new world as a writer turned artist. He now creates art and hosts the NFT-focused podcast, NFP with DKleine.

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