ArWiki Wears New Look, Makes Content Submission Free

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Contributors to ArWiki can now publish their submissions for free on the platform. This is possible with a new update which removes the requirement for authors to pay some Arweave tokens in order to have their submissions registered on the Blockweave, Ricky Guzman, a lead developer at ArWiki told Arweave News.

The tokens deposited by users would be lost if their submissions were rejected. The free submission of contents alongside updates that improved the platform’s page edit and fixed bugs are aimed at attracting new users.

We want to provide the best experience to our users. We believe that a free experience using our platform can be a very valuable thing. It needs to be cheap or free and easy, Guzman said.

“We expect more people writing more articles, even for testing or curiosity. Our mission is to bring the Arweave experience to general public.”

ArWiki is styled to be somewhat a manual for the Arweave blockchain and applications in the ecosystem, publishing technical contents. In June 2022, ArWiki told Arweave News that it had plans to remove the requirement for authors to pay some tokens before submitting their contents.

Removing the requirement involved some technical works, including coding in order to ensure that submitted contents are secured on the blockchain after ending the means through which contents get saved permanently on-chain.

Guzman said before the update, it was not possible for transactions to be entered into the Arweave chain for free but wallets such as ArConnect and now support the action. The new update, ArWiki V1.3 which is live, replaced Redstone-smartweave with warp contracts; replaced VertoJS (VertoID) with Arweave-account; supports dispatch method which allows image and page creation to be free.

The new version wears a different look with the addition of features such as preview added on page edit; improved file manager and file upload; paginator added in categories; log in upgrade allows private key file to be encrypted while being saved in browser; upgrade from Angular 13 to Angular 14.

It is all about planning and coding. We define what else the ArWiki needs based on user feedback. If people ask for some features, we do our best to provide the services, Guzman  also said.

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