Arwiki is Quietly Crushing It. Here’s What’s New

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ArWiki is a Collective Knowledge Base protocol for collaboratively sharing information about Arweave, and is built on the permaweb itself.

Like many other Arweave-based projects, the ArWiki team released a series of incredible platform and protocol upgrades during September. Before we start checking up on the new features, let’s showcase the functionalities of this open knowledge protocol.

What is ArWiki?

ArWiki is an on-chain protocol

The ArWiki protocol has a governance mechanism through an Arweave-based DAO (Profit Sharing Community). However, by saying on-chain protocol, we are highlighting the feature of the wiki pages, that are Arweave data transactions under the Arwiki-Type: Page protocol’s specific tag. The supported page-related actions are: Update, Validate, and Delete.

Arwiki is multi-language and multi-category

Arwiki’s frontend makes it easy for readers from all over the world to learn about Arweave by providing support for 11 languages: English, Arabic, Deutch, Spanish, Gaeilge(Irish), Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Hungarian, Chinese, and Korean.

To make finding the right page simple, the currently supported categories on ArWiki cover everything including mining, Arweave basics, developer resources and profit-sharing community mechanics.

ArWiki’s new updates

The $WIKI Token

The ArWiki token’s ticker is $WIKI, which is a PST (Profit Sharing Token). The moderator’s permission mentioned above requires the moderator to stake (lock in the DAO) $WIKI tokens to be able to act.

However, any $WIKI holder can benefit from sponsoring a page, and in return, earn rewards.

Users & Moderators

With the new update, users and moderators have different options available that make it easy to keep the wiki clean and useful.

A novel web3 twist is that any user can submit an update for an article in the form of a transaction to Arweave. Account creation is not necessary, just an Arweave wallet topped up with an AR balance!

Now moderators have a simple panel where they can see the list of pending articles and approve or reject edits. The new update granted permissions for the wiki’s moderators to:

  • Approve new articles
  • Approve user-submitted updates
  • Pin articles to the front page
  • Hide articles from the frontend level through “deletion” TXs
  • Add news tags to articles to improve search results

The future of ArWiki is over to you

Arwiki is a great source of knowledge to learn more about the novel technology invented by the Arweave team, the permaweb. The wiki also hosts great resources that cover the technical aspects of Arweave for developers.

Getting involved is as easy as connecting your Arweave wallet and submitting edits or new articles. Plus, you can earn $WIKI for a chance to help govern the future of ArWiki.

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