Arweave’s Bundlr Now on Ethereum’s zkSync’s Mainnet

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Bundlr is now on zkSync’s mainnet following a partnership by both applications. This collaboration allows developers on the latter to access Arweave’s decentralised permanent storage system.  The announcement was made on Tuesday.

With this integration, zkSync provides a feature that allows developers to directly upload data on Arweave through Bundlr and pay using any token, including ETH. Developers also get free uploads for data under 100kb, the Bundlr Network said in a statement.

“Web3 data storage can fundamentally change how we store data for the better. But it wasn’t scalable in terms of transactions per second. That’s where Bundlr comes in. We make uploading data to Arweave faster, easier and more reliable”, said Josh Benaron, founder of Bundlr Network.

Bundlr, reputed to be one of the fastest-growing protocols in Arweave’s ecosystem, was founded a year ago. It functions as an aggregator and caches layer by collecting many pieces of data before submitting them on Arweave in a single transaction. Bundlr Network recently secured $5.2 million seed round from 21 investors – although it is not public how the fund will be expended.

zkSync is an open-source layer-2 blockchain that removes Ethereum’s high gas fees and barriers to scaling and performance. It has facilitated over 10 million transactions and powers major Web3 applications.

Matter labs, builders of zkSync, said through its Head of Business Development, Marco Cora, that the integration was one of the steps towards making Web3 technologies accessible.

“We’re excited to offer access to Arweave through Bundlr to our users. They now have the option to ensure that their data is being stored permanently on a decentralised, secure datachain. One of our goals is to give developers access to the best technologies in Web3 and this is one of the steps towards achieving that”, Cora said.

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