How to Get Involed with the Arweave x Polygon Hackathon

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Monday, the 21st of February 2022 marks the commencement of the Arweave X Polygon Hackathon which will bring together developers from across the world to build and compete to create the best use cases and applications using the two blockchains.

This hackathon comes as no surprise. Back in November 2021 the Bundlr Network announced that they had developed a way for users to use the native Polygon Network token (MATIC) to store data on Arweave. This created a better user experience for many as well as onboarding more people to Arweave.

However, that wasn’t the first time people could upload to Arweave using native tokens of other blockchains, as users of Solana, Avalanche and NEAR could also do so.

This hackathon has been jointly founded by both Arweave and Polygon. The main goal here is to create ways for users to interact with the Arweave network using the MATIC token.  Submissions begin on February 21 at 12:00am EST and interested parties will have until the deadline on March 11 at 12:00am EST to submit their projects. The winners will then be announced on March 14 at 11:00am EDT.

All submissions must be original pieces of work and fully open source, with the code free for all to see and interact with on a code hosting repository such as GitHub. The end result must be a live and fully functioning instance of the app. The bundler must be integrated into the code allowing users to interact with the project’s app using their Polygon wallet to deploy data to the Arweave blockchain using the MATIC token.

Any transactions that take place as a result of using the code should be tagged accordingly in order to allow the easy retrieval of them. At the same time the end user must be able to easily see all the transactions they have submitted via the app.

Lastly, the code must come with full documentation that would allow new developers to comprehend and jump right in and build.

The total monetary value of the prices is $15,000 and there will be one winner and two runner ups. The panel of judges that will decide the winners is comprised of five people from the relevant ecosystems and protocols. The judges will make sure that all submissions adhere to the criteria set in the hackathon requirements and will choose the winners based on the best approach and most user friendly applications.

Read more about the hackathon here.

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