Arweave X PolKadot bridge-building bounty on Gitcoin

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We’re very excited to announce Arweave’s collaboration with Parity Technologies! 🥳

Together they are launching a bridge-building bounty on Gitcoin, connecting Polkadot parachains with the Arweave network, ensuring that vital blockchain data is never lost or altered 🔒 ⛓


Polkadot is an ecosystem of connected blockchains (‘parachains’), designed to handle huge numbers of transactions. Like all blockchain systems, these parachains create a significant amount of data that, in most cases, needs to be stored indefinitely. Arweave is a network built to provide scalable and economically sustainable permanent data storage. The network achieves this using a Succinct Proof of Access mining mechanism (enforcing that miners replicate data), as well as a storage endowment that yields interest which is employed to reward miners perpetually.

This jointly funded bounty is to build an archival bridge of data from Polkadot and its parachains, into the Arweave network. Once built, anyone will be able to spin up a version of the solution and begin to archive specific chains from the Polkadot ecosystem into the Arweave network. By tagging each piece of data and employing bundled data entries (ANS-102) on Arweave, the resulting dataset will also be queryable by any dApp’s front-end using a GraphQL interface.

Application requirements

The application shall facilitate a bridge to connect Polkadot data to Arweave storage, watching the Polkadot chains for new blocks and transactions, packaging them into bundles, and dispatching them to the Arweave network.

Given the availability of tooling and similar implementation work with SKALE and Solana, a JavaScript/TypeScript-based solution will likely be fastest to engineer.

The solution must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The archival bridge must store each of the following from Polkadot chains selected by the deployer:
  • Block Data
  • Transactions Data
  • Transaction Receipts
  • Event Data
  1. The data must be packaged into bundles using the Arweave’s ANS-102 standard. The arweave-bundles JavaScript/TypeScript library may be useful in creating these bundles. This will allow you to minimise the AR fee requirements of your solution.
  2. All entry types must be appropriately tagged, using a schema either completely compatible, or as closely compatible as possible, with prior Arweave archival bridge projects for Solana and SKALE.
  3. Acceptable solutions must include detailed documentation, capable of allowing an engineer unfamiliar with the project to deploy it easily, as well set up a dev environment.


Successful submissions will meet the following criteria:

  • Submissions must be your own original work.
  • Submissions must be open source, with the full source code available on Gitopia, GitHub or another open code hosting repository. Feel free to use whatever OSS license you prefer.
  • Your submission must include a link to a live, functioning, and running instance of the app itself, as well as a link to the repository it is stored within.
  • All submissions must include a brief description of the application and functionality in the GitHub repo.


Need to learn more about Polkadot or Arweave technology? Use the resources below, or reach out to the relative dev communities on Discord:

Arweave Dev Discord Polkadot Discord

This issue now has a funding of 7500.0 USDC (7500.0 USD @ $1.0/USDC) attached to it as part of the ArweaveTeam fund.

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