Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #39: The ‘Renaissance’ Edition

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Setting new thresholds, appeasing expectations that lasted almost a year, and spreading knowledge about Arweave throughout the web – this is what happened this week in the Arweave ecosystem in a nutshell.

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I. Arweave Network

Arweave’s daily transactions were consistently above 2 million throughout the week

The force is strong with this one! This week marks the first time in Arweave’s history when we encountered five days in a row with more than 2 million transactions a day. After a spike of over 4 million TXs on 22 May, the counter never went below the mentioned threshold. Who knows, maybe this represents a new cycle for the network, with the prior one being defined by the 1 million daily transactions.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Verto Exchange launched the testnet for its new iteration

We are aware that for the entire ecosystem this is no news anymore. We already covered it in our video reports. Still, their announcement was made 2 hours before we already published our previous weekly report and it simply wouldn’t have been right to not have it pinned for posterity. The moment was so long-awaited that it even generated memes, so yeah, “wen swap?” was finally answered. 

A renaissance in Arweave-oriented content is taking place

This topic is not about one specific project or individual. Lately, we’ve been noticing a slow but steady accumulation of Arweave-related educational material. From coding tutorials to projects explaining their features, to community members discovering various parts of the ecosystem and sharing them with the world. Somehow this stream of information grew to become a torrent in the past week:

Open Web foundry on full throttle

They started the seventh edition with force, already being on their second Deep Dive (Deep Dive-s represent a type of event where already established projects are sharing their experiences and knowledge that help them succeed) that featured ArDrive and on their second Community Spotlight. This is a type of event that presents the new projects that are entering in the incubator program. At the time of writing this, you can already watch the Deep Dive #1 and #2 as well as the Community Spotlight #1 releases.

Huobi Incubator continued its Spotlight of Web3.0 series

In previous reports we already mentioned that Huobi Incubator started a podcast series focused on the Arweave ecosystem. Well, they are just moving forward with it, presenting even more Arweave projects.

On top of that, they started to release the transcripts of prior podcasts. Here you can read the content of the sixth episode where among others, Xylophone, Arweave News co-founder, presented his views on the creator economy on Arweave.

EverFinance is providing Arweave-related answers to the Chinese community

In the free time between creating an Arweave native DEX and conducting NFT auctions that empower small creators, EverFinance found the energy to have a talk about the importance of Arweave in the Chinese-speaking community. This is important not only because of certain events concerning the freedom of speech but also because in the Arweave community, the Chinese-speaking user base is the biggest. So, it makes sense to have more dedicated content that is oriented directly to them. Given the context, we would like to thank them for the translations they make weekly, making our content accessible to the Chinese audience.

Only Arweave, as usual, delivers his high content podcast

If you ask any community member who was the first individual that introduced them to Arweave, the majority will probably point to Only Arweave. That says it all. One of the now already established initiatives he nurtures is the Permaweb Pioneers podcast.  Yesterday’s episode featured Gridacity, a project that’s pushing the boundaries of what you think possible to reside fully on-chain by creating whole games as NFTs.

Bundlr explained

Probably one of the best ways to understand how a technology works is by working with it yourself. Twitter user pbilingsby_eth made a cool resource that not only explains what Arweave and Bundlr are – it also contains a short coding tutorial on how to create an image uploader with Bundlr. Give it a try and let us know how it was!


Heroes of History teaser

Bundlr Network is aiming to diversify its product range by announcing Heroes of History. With the motto “Fight against censorship. Preserve our world“, the hint that it will represent the continuation of the archival initiatives currently ongoing on Arweave is clear. Along with the promise to deliver more context in the coming weeks, there is not much information available on what it will do. We suppose that they are trying to teach us all an important lesson about history: it takes time for events to be fully revealed.

Koii Network introduced Content Collectives

Koii Network, the project that’s responsible among others for Atomic NFT standards, released a paper describing Content Collectives. The concept describes their take on a DAO that encompasses a collective of creators and the media they produce. Who knows, maybe this is what the entire NFT space needed right now. A tool that moves away from centralised PFP projects and recreates the conditions that led to the creation of the RarePepes collection (one of the first NFT collections; it leveraged the collaboration between various artists, where each artist uploaded an NFT proposal that had to pass a vote in order to become part of a collection). This time fully on-chain.

Stealthy Permacast mention in WSJ

Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the different use of NFTs as ways to combat censorship via Arweave. Thanks to Permacast we had a peek behind the WSJ paywall. Sometimes, for various reasons, some things remain unsaid. Still, sometimes it is best to point out the “culprit” directly. Why? Because in this case knowing exactly where you can save your content and make it uncensorable could be the only way to save something from oblivion. So here you have it: – they are responsible for permanently preserving and offering access to audio files, and more recently, for preserving video files too.

ArDrive Valet at your service

Are you too posh to create your own crypto wallet or buy crypto as a simple commoner? It’s fine, ArDrive Valet gets you covered. Now you can save your files on Arweave via ArDrive without the need to know anything about Web3. The ArDrive team will conduct the following services on your behalf if you ask them:

Upload hundreds to thousands of files to the Arweave network through ArDrive

Move files from Amazon Web Services, Google Drive or anywhere else and put them on permanent storage

Create a manifest to tag and organise all the headings and metadata for your files

Set up your crypto wallet

Organise your files into Drives

The seventh EverPay auction

Now we know it! The NFTs auctioned by EverFinance through EverPay carry utility in the initial stages of their PermaSwap DEX. It’s all there on the white paper. This new information makes us wonder if there will be an even greater interest in the new NFTs put up for auction by them. Well, with the seventh EverPay auction already being announced, we can verify this very soon.

Decent Land took another step towards a decent Web3

Apparently Decent Land entered the last stages of development, delivering weekly consistent product updates. They have a lot brewing, and personally, I have to admit that the lore that’s engulfing the whole project grew on me and made me do unspeakable stuff.

On a more serious note, one of the major updates they presented this week is the profile page for ANS holders, and it looks pretty awesome, don’t you think?


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