Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #36: The ‘Eve of BUIDL-ing’ Edition

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OWF is preparing for the launch of its 7th edition while more resources for entry-level developers are made available.  The combination of financial and educational resources that are delivered as we speak represents a powerful mix that will fuel the further expansion of Arweave.

Add to this the general state the successful seeding round for Bundlr Network, the launch of a new reward program by ArDrive, or the integration of RedStone oracles with Stack, and guess what – you won’t even have half the full picture of what happened this week in the ecosystem. 

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I. Arweave Network

OWF #7 will start on the 16th of May

Open Web Foundry, the core funding initiative of Arweave will commence its seventh edition in no time. It seems like only yesterday we were writing about the projects that participated in the sixth edition.

That’s one of the particularities of OWF: in this ecosystem, you’ll almost always find the funding rounds open for new projects. Whenever a round ends, a new one is about to begin. OWF covers the expenses, all you need to do is start building Web3.

BUIDL Arweave

A renaissance is happening right now in the world of programming. Freshmen without any coding experience are entering the arena, mostly with the intent of building the Web3. Efforts have been made for some time now to connect the ecosystem to this revolution.

Using Arweave storage is nice, but what about starting a creating of your own Arweave native dApp? Nader Dabit, one of the most prominent advocates when it comes to Web3, joined the effort to make building on Arweave more accessible. On 5th may he published a developer guide on how to use Arweave via Bundlr in your projects.

This guide came after he announced earlier this week that a free workshop that will be held in Mexico City on the 12th of May. The main topic of the workshop will be building Web3 with Graph Protocol and Arweave.

With each day that passes Arweave tends to shift from the land of promises to the realm of reality. Its infrastructure is built at an alert pace. Join the movement and start BUIDL-ing.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Bundlr successfully concludes its seed round

Bundlr, the powerhouse that scales Arweave and makes it accessible throughout multiple layer 1 solutions, finalized its seeding round. The team managed to raise $5.2 million.

These news makes us realize what the “we are still early” statement truly means. We forgot that Bundlr, the instrument that is responsible for over 90% of Arweave transactions, is only one year old and they managed to achieve all these results before ending their seed round. “Exciting” wpuld be an understatement when describing what’s yet to come.

The 6th NFT auction on everPay

Time genuinely flies. The 6th everPay NFT auction is happening right now. The mechanics are pretty much the same, what’s different is the artist.

There is a certain vibe that is stressed with each passing auction: everFinance, the team behind everPay, becomes more and more a curator for new Web3 artists. If you are an emerging talent it will definitely be worth the shot of contacting them.

By the way, starting this month there will be not one, but two auctions each month, so more spots for your art to be showcased.

Spheron Protocol is one of the sponsors for HackMoney2022

Didn’t we tell you that the Arwveave ecosystem is all about BUIDL-ing nowadays? Spheron Protocol, the former ArGo, sponsors one of the biggest DeFi hackathons that are taking place this year.

Given their line of business, respectively helping to easily transform a website into a permanent application that lives on Arweave, we expect to see some Permaweb dApps being submitted. Will yours be among them?

KYVE Network launched KORELLIA, its incentivized testnet

KYVE is a project that enables data providers to standardize, validate, and permanently store data streams. Obviously, the permanent storage is provided by Arweave, while the standardization and validation will be the responsibility of KYVE’s own network.

Another step was made by KYVE Network in their quest to fulfill this goal. KORELLIA is now up and running for everyone who wants to test it in exchange for some juicy rewards.

In the simplest of terms, KYVE’s incentivized testnet will enable our team to test and verify how different aspects of the KYVE Network are functioning and how they can be improved for our community members. We will use all the data we gather from our incentivized testnet to improve the KYVE Network, ensuring we are providing the KYVE community with the best possible decentralized data lake experience.

Metaforo, leveraging everFinance tech, released a Discord tipping bot

Metaforo, a platform that is offering out-of-the-box solutions for DAOs management, launched a tipping bot. While the implementation could seem minor, it has the potential to greatly empower the cohesion of emerging communities.

We’ve seen it at work in everFinance’s Discord server and it’s pretty straightforward:

ArDrive launched its new Mining Reward Program – Inferno

Probably for many of you, ArDrive is synonym to permanently storing your life snippets captured in digital format – from family pictures to goofy clips featuring your dog or the first steps of your toddler.

Now, besides your urge to safely store those moments, ArDrive incentivizes you with a program that will be running for the next 20 weeks. Upload more than 1 GB of data in a week and you may be eligible for a reward in ArDrive tokens.

In order to reduce the grinding of manually uploading a couple of hundred pictures to reach that sweet spot of 1 GB, the announcement of INFERNO program was paired with adding a new functionality: now you can directly upload whole folders.

RedStone oracles are now available on Stacks

Stacks, the initiative that lets projects build dApps using Bitcoin’s security, announced the integration of RedStone oracles. This is the second project from the Arweave ecosystem that integrates with Stacks, after KYVE’s announcement earlier this year. Who knows, maybe the affinity between Bitcoin and Arweave is greater than you expect.



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