Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #34: The “Meme Your Way In” Edition

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It was a busy week for Arweave’s ecosystem. The winner of the Boba-Bundlr hackathon was finally announced, several partnerships and integrations were revealed, and Sam started a cool competition for all the builders out there. Those, and many more await to be discovered in the rows below. Don’t you want to know more?

I. Arweave Network

Degens of the world, unite and code!

Earlier this week, Sam Wiliams, Arweave’s cofounder, launched a competition meant to harvest the energy degens invest it into crypto, and transform it into something a little more meaningful: he wants to transform them into builders.

In order to achieve this goal, he’s asking the community to develop coding tutorials for absolute beginners that will enable the meme-hungry audience to create their own basic Permaweb dApp. The catch is to produce those tutorials in the most degen-friendly way.

There is a prize for those who’ll nail the task given, so we wish you all good luck!


Arweave’s price throughout the week

Since we are experiencing complications retrieving Arweave transaction stats, we thought we would focus on the price instead. It seems to be a relatively sideways action for our $AR token, just like the entire market. Are whales accumulating?

Maybe. But sideways, we go, at least until we see some decisive break of trend.

At the time of writing, the AR market cap is sitting at just over $1.5bn. Thanks to RedStone for this chart.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Darkblock-Unmarshal partnership

Darkblock, the solution that lets NFT creators create true decentralized unlockable content, partnered with Unmarshal, a multi-chain Data Infrastructure that provides simplified access to DeFi, NFT, and metaverse data. The partnership will allow Darkblock to gather NFT metadata from several different blockchains completely decentralized.

Boba-Bundlr hackathon winners

The hackathon, which began in late March, and concluded on the 13th of April, has now announced its winners.

Congratulations to all the participants, Keep on BUIDLing.

Check out Adeola’s article on the winners here.

ArDrive has some nice stuff going on here

Firstly and foremost, the ArDrive community voted to pass Inferno.
Inferno is a usage rewards program for the ArDrive Dust token designed to reward users with ↁ tokens for uploading data through the ArDrive suite of apps. And now, ArDrive has “gone international”!

With version 1.13.0 of ArDrive Web, if your browser’s settings point to a Spanish-speaking-locale, a Spanish-translated version of the app will be displayed! Pretty amazing stuff! Don’t worry, guys, there are more languages on the way too.

Lastly, ArDrive has partnered with @mynaaccountants Web3 stack, in a bid to take ArDrive to an enterprise level.

Akord and RedStone teamed up

If you missed it, Akord, the project that simplifies the storage on Arweave for non-crypto users, has a lot coming up in the future.
We recently chatted with Akord co-founder Pascal Barry about all the cool and exciting new features on the horizon.
In this discussion, what came to light was that Akord and RedStone are working closely together to create tools for their use and users.
Pascal Barry details it in this blog post of his.


More funds raised! This time it’s Mintbase! It seems the entire Arweave ecosystem has been on a roll recently.

A whopping $7.5M was raised from VCs in a round led by Woodstock, and at the same time are offering a $5M Grants Pool for projects built using Mintbase + NEAR. Oh, they also launched a new frontend.

KYVE 🤝 Stacks

KYVE has added support for the Stacks blockchain (built on Bitcoin).

Now developers will be able to access raw data from a wide variety of KYVE-supported blockchains via an API.

Gitopia LORE

The Gitopia Janus Testnet has launched. Gitopia is marking the occasion with The Game of LORE. Participants will be rewarded with points that will later determine the number of LORE tokens they can receive when the Mainnet launches.
3,250,000 LORE tokens will be given to participants!

RSS3 Airdrop

Another Airdrop from RSS3 is here for their early adopters.
Check and see if your wallet is eligible to get any free tokens!


The amount of tokens staked on Nil DAO is reaching all-time highs. It seems that the Nil Dao team has something in mind for all these early supporters.

Speculation or blatant “in your face” obvious? We’ll let you decide from this tweet below.


Coinbase has now released their Coinbase NFT platform (surprisingly enough, it doesn’t require KYC), which people have received pretty well for the most part.

But did you know that, the project that democratized the use of custom smart contracts on Ethereum and is using by default Arweave storage, helped out in the background on some super important features?

Have a look!


Glass has officially hit the milestone of 10k followers! The community is growing at a rapid rate. What will happen when more people and organizations realize the full potential of web3, blockchain, and Arweave’s Permaweb?

Supernovas DAO token

Social NFT marketplace Supernovas have just announced its DAO token launch.

Go check out our full announcement of the launch here, where we had the chance to speak with Mikaela and Rasmus, the two co-founders of Supernovas.

“Kwil” you quit your job as well?

Are you thinking of quitting your job altogether and entering the Web3 and blockchain space? Brennan Lamey, the founder of Web3 SQL database Kwil, did just that.

Another success story from the industry. So what are you waiting for? Arweave’s Sam Williams openly speaks about getting people to quit their dead-end jobs and join in building the future.

(This is not career or financial advice, by the way!)


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