Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #33: The “Business as Usual Easter” Edition

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What appeared to be a chill Easter turned out to be a business as usual Easter. As you can see below, we initially reported, based on the figures provided by ViewBlock, a decrease in the number of daily transactions made on Arweave. After Sam raised some concerns about the possible erroneous data displayed by ViewBlock, we talked with ViewBlock and Bundlr, and indeed, the transactions were constantly way over 1 million the entire week. A massive integration with Avalanche via Bundlr was made public. If you want to know more about this and other news from all over the Arweave’s ecosystem, put your bunny ears on and enjoy our weekly section!

I. Arweave Network

Daily transactions plummeted. Now they are only 10x higher than last year

After hitting all-time highs, Arweave’s daily transactions retracted to a plateau of around 300.000 almost all the week round. We must admit that we have become so accustomed to figures of over 1 million that we were initially a little disappointed. Nevertheless, we realized that we were starting to lose the bigger picture, so we looked one year into the past and discovered that compared to the same days in 2021, the daily transactions increased tenfold, even in what we perceive now as being a significant retraction.

Take a look at the current chart:

And at the chart from a year ago:

Later Edit: We talked with both ViewBlock and Bundlr and it appears that due to validation or timeout issues some bundles may fail to be unbundled, resulting in a lower count of transactions shown on ViewBlock. Bundlr team validated that the number of transactions was constantly around 1.2 million in the past days, four times over what ViewBlock is showing. 

Arweave expands its archiving efforts

Besides the continuous work done to store all the data regarding the war in Ukraine, Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave, announced the introduction of flash grants for building a new archive that aims to store all the data around the Shanghai lockdown aftermath forever.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Bundlr did it again!

Bundlr (the aggregator that works on top of the Arweave network and is responsible for over 90% of its transactions) integrated AVAX payments. This step means that Avalanche native dApps could use Arweave storage and pay in their native coin from now on for Arweave storage. We are starting to wonder how many Layer 1 chains are not yet linked with the Permaweb.

everPay integrates MathWallet

MathWallet, a multi-chain mobile crypto wallet, announced the support for $AR some weeks ago. It was a no-brainer that Arweave native dApps would adopt this new access point to the Arweave ecosystem. Still, everPay pleasantly surprised us by how quickly they achieved the integration.

everPay is a project of everFinance, Arweave’s layer two network that enables feeless, instant transactions, and enables cross-chain payments.

Akord continues its teaser series

Akord, a project that blurs the line between Web2 and Web3, by offering Arweave storage in a friendly way for consumers that are not accustomed to blockchain UX, started to advertise a series of updates that will redefine their dApp entirely.

After the last week’s announcement of the introduction of public vaults and the capacity to mint NFTs directly on Akord, they presented a feature that will let users import data from Facebook directly to Arweave via Akord. launched its new blog besides a new product update, the project that aims to become the social layer of Web3, inaugurated its blog by presenting a new product update that covered the aftermaths of its ANS genesis domains airdrop and the launch of the first chapter in the DAO handbook – The History of DAOs

Boba-Bundlr hackathon just concluded

The hackathon, which began in late March, concluded on 13th of April. Its purpose was to encourage the creation of native dApps on Boba Network that use Arweave for storage through Bundlr. The winner announced on Monday 17th of April, will get a 15000 $ prize.


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