Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #32: The “April Fool’s Day” Edition

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For many projects in the Arweave ecosystem, April 1 was like any other day, but Koii Network jumped on the traditional April Fool’s Day joke, tweeting that it was transforming into a dating site for aquatic creatures. The absurdity of the idea cracked many people up.

Publicly admitting that he was partly to blame for how the internet has been damaged because it’s centralized must have been uncomfortable for Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter. Dorsey still maintains a hard stance that Web 3.0 was not the solution.

It’s an eventful week as new projects joined the Arweave ecosystem. Plus, the almighty Bundlr is now responsible for 98% of transactions on Arweave.
Here’s a rundown of happenings in the Arweave ecosystem this week:

I. Arweave Network

OWF6 concludes

The Open Web Foundry (OWF) 6 has come and gone, but the excitement over the program’s success and new projects that will be joining the ecosystem lingers in the Arweave community. Catch up on Arweave News’s chat with the finalists on their projects and experience in this report.

Jack Dorsey’s Uncomfortable Truth and Sam Williams’s  Web 3.0 Vision

The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, reminisced on the good that came out of Web 2.0 innovations but publicly admitted its downside when he said: “centralizing discovery and identity into corporations damaged the internet.” Although Dorsey took partial blame for the problem, he denied that Web 3.0 has the solution to it.
In his reply to Dorsey, Sam Williams reminded us that the consequence was inevitable and that one of the visions of Web 3.0 is to turn everything into protocols. According to him, this vision is worth fighting for.

Arweave transactions this week

Arweave’s daily transactions this week began at a low with 287,198, a fall of 22% from figures logged for the previous day. It rose to 636,143 before shooting to over one million transactions and dropping to 336,094 as of the time of writing.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

It’s a joke. No dating service for fish.

You are not alone if you had a good laugh after reading Koii’s joke on April Fool’s Day about transmuting to providing dating services to aquatic animals. Taking a break from the hard work of building and maintaining a protocol to have a good laugh may not be a bad idea. Folks at Koii Network have a good sense of humor. They might not disappoint in a comedy competition.

Also, they celebrated the last improvements made to the network (the new Finnie Wallet, decentralized IDs, etc.) by releasing the first series of their Koiiwave NFTs.

Releap launches beta version for music NFT product

Before now, when you hear of NFTs, what comes to mind are pictures and gaming assets, but music has now been brought to NFT platform. Releap, the firm behind the innovation, unveiled Releap Launch to help musicians debut their work using Solana and Releap Studio, helping creators mint NFTs with audio and visual metadata. The metadata of NFTs is stored on Arweave.

Anticipate The Graph’s support for Arweave

The Graph, an indexing protocol and global API for organizing data on the blockchain, helping users to sort through massive data sets to find the information they need, has announced that it was planning to provide support for Arweave. The integration will help make Arweave’s stored data more readable, organised and more accessible.

Bundlr handles 98% of data uploads to Arweave

 Call it one of the most successful projects on Arweave and you won’t be wrong. In 11 months, Bundlr has grown to handle 98 percent of Arweave data uploads. Bundlr said it was able to contribute to the growth of Arweave by scaling its transaction per second, TPS, allowing more data to be uploaded to Arweave at any given time.

KYVE now has its own security and nodes

KYVE Network has said it launched a Cosmos SDK-based chain, which makes it a layer 1 that has its own security and nodes.

LikeCoin announces upgrade timeline

LikeCoin releases a timeline to an upgrade which could result in a mainnet upgrade of v2.0.0 by the end of April 2022.

Nina protocol brings you Hubs

Introducing the new kids on the block, Hubs on Nina protocol wants to be everything to you. From a blog to a record store to an archive, Hubs wants to enrich music online and support the diversity of people’s relationships to music.

RSS3 replacing PreNode with PreGod

RSS3 is launching PreGod which will become the core of the RSS3 network and the base for implementing RSS3 protocol v0.4.0.

Oracle and smart contract workshop by RedStone

RedStone to facilitate a workshop on Oracle and the use cases of smart contracts. Participants of the  two-part workshop which will hold on May 23 are expected to be able to build smart contracts using RedStone Oracle and build a simple profit sharing token contract on Arweave.

Pianity users to get secondary market

Pianity opens a secondary market, and one of its features will help collectors decide whether they want fixed or auction prices when they resell NFTs.

Public vault coming to Akord

Akord, a permanent storage on Arweave is building building public vaults. When it is launched, users can mint NFTs by uploading to their public Akord vault.

Creaton launches native token

 Creaton, a platform that helps content creators get subscription revenue in real-time, has begun selling its $CREATE token. 

Increased page view on DSocial

DSocial, a decentralised social media app, currently available on Apple’s iOS  as it expects approval for its Android app, has announced a daily view of 1,506. 


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