Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #31: The “Break the Internet” Edition

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It looks like the world of crypto is back in full bull mode! Well, at least the prices. We all know that the devs don’t sleep. They are always on the move to produce more innovative use cases surrounding the web3 and blockchain world!

Without further ado, let’s dive in to our Arweave weekly report! Warning, it’s a really really long one!

I. Arweave Network

OWF Demo Day Concludes

Demo Day has arrived! Yesterday, 31th March, was the day we had all been waiting for, the Open Web Foundry Demo Day concluded.

Over the course of the past weeks many new projects came to the Arweave Ecosystem. Yesterday the finalists showed off what they had been working on. Our journalist, Pierre, will soon be diving into all the new projects, so stay tuned!

Arweave’s founder, Sam Williams, puts things into perspective for everyone:

Weekly Arweave transactions break all-time high by 35%

It looked like we were in for a nice week pricewise, as we steadily kept going up and then had small drops. After a vote today from the EU to have stricter regulations on noncustodial wallets, the whole market has taken a little dip again, including $AR.

We also reach our ATH in TX volume hitting 5,031,466 transactions on Saturday.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everFinance auction goes live and breaks the internet

The latest everFinance auction went live yesterday, and soon after, the auction crashed. This is not a bad thing, this is a good thing, as it shows a massive increase in adoption.

everFinance has assured everyone that any (temporarily) missing funds – that were locked due to the bidding mechanism – from their wallets will be returned. 

The auction will now take place today, the 1st of April. No, this is not an April fools joke!

everFinance partners with Huobi

First up is everFinance, who have just acquired a fancy new partner.

Akord notes are here

And you can start using them today. As you would expect on a high efficiency Blockchain, like Arweave, the fees are low! Go check it out!

Recording of the hackathon kickoff is available

If you missed the Arweave x Boba Network x Bundlr hackathon kickoff , no worries. The team recorded the Gather Town meeting, and you can watch it here!

Manifold helped develop a smart contract and website for $ASH Drops Chapter II: Metamorphosis

Unfortunately there were issues and the drop did not go as expected. Read the article they tweeted below:

Spheron’s dApp building guide

Spheron drop a very useful dApp building guide  giving the case for “If you’re a developer, this is why you should choose SPHERON”. Be sure to read up!

Releap announces its launch

This is a biggie, one for the newspaper… I mean The Permaweb! Releap is officially launching on the 4th of April. Music NFT season is upon us – go check out the new design!

RedStone’s WASM is here

And the moment the core developers at RedStone have been anticipating – Redstone WASM contracts are now live. WASM support is officially here.

Go devs, go!

Pianity’s new podcast features their co-founder and CEO, Kevin Primicerio

If you are interested in finding out how music NFTs, Pianity and web3 can disrupt the legacy music industry, then you know what to do. Give it a listen!

Orbis mobile is on the way

Orbis announced its mobile version entering the game. All your own data in your pocket and no transaction fees! 

Nil DAO v2.0 is on the way

The team recently shared their current developments in a Twitter thread you can read below. More announcements coming next week!

Mintbase yeet announcement

Aka, new code and design incoming! We can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

LikeCoin community call update incoming

Join the team on the 4th of April to learn about everything they have upcoming, and there will be subDAO updates!

Koii founder Al speaks on a podcast

If you thought you knew everything about the Koii network already, well guess again! Jump in and fill in the gaps with this excellent podcast featuring Al Morris, the Chief Architect & co-founder of Koii Network.

And if you want to learn about how to register to set up your own Koii node, then look no further than this tweet.

Upcoming Gitopia testnet

If you are a Gitopia validator you can help out with testing the public testnet. Read below:

Everpedia launches a weekly contest

In order to encourage and reward their editors, Everipedia has just launched a weekly contest for best page of the week!

Each week, five editors who make the best page, as judged by the Everipedia team, will be rewarded 9,600 IQ tokens! The distribution will be as follows: 4,000 IQ for first place, 2,000 IQ for second place and 1200 IQ for third place, fourth place, and fifth place.

Read more in their announcement below:

CyrpNote release product tutorial

New kids on the block – CrypNote released a video tutorial guide of their app in action! Go give it a watch.


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