Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #28: The 6000 Followers Edition

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We would like to start this weekly update with a big and humble “Thank You!” to everybody that has showed us support on the journey so far. We are very happy to announce that we have reached a new milestone of 6000 followers on Twitter. We are over the moon and so proud to be part of this amazing community that keeps on pushing further and harder.

So, let’s dive in and see what’s happened in the ecosystem this week.

I. Arweave Network

Open Web Foundry Final Community Spotlight

What an amazing week it has been in the ecosystem with the Open Web Foundry (OWF) showcasing many new projects. Our own Pierre will be reporting on all these awesome new projects soon, so stay tuned! Be sure not to miss the final OWF Community spotlight event today at 6 pm CET.

Arweave x Polygon Hackaton has ended

Good luck to all entrants for the Arweave x Polygon hackathon – at AN, we’re excited to see the new innovations after judging is complete. We first reported on the hackathon here, if you want to see what it is all about, and get a taste for what a hackathon can entail.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Verto partners with Arweave Team and Bundlr Network

Verto Exchange partner up with the Arweave core team and Bundlr Network to offer free uploads of 100kB or less to Arweave’s Permaweb via the ArConnect browser extension wallet. 

Sarchophagus’s leadership conversations go public

The Sarcophagus team has moved all the conversations they would normally be making between themselves to a public Discord server so anyone can see the developments and give their own ideas. As well as joining in on Discord, you can listen to the DAO’s past team calls on permacast here.


Arbitrum integrates Bundlr Network

This is allowing Arbitrum users to seamlessly store their data on the Arweave Permaweb – a huge unlock for the ecosystem, since Arbitrum has over 440,000 unique addresses. 

SO-FAR launches an NFT marketplace backed by Arweave storage

SO-FAR, a new fine arts NFT marketplace launches on Solana utilising Metaplex. The platform hosts all assets and metadata on Arweave by default.

RedStone launches RedStone Academy to teach web3

RedStone Finance launches its RedStone Academy that is focused on helping people of all backgrounds jump in to learn how to develop their own SmartWeave smart contracts on Arweave using the RedStone SmartWeave SDK. 

Akord raises $2.3 million in an investment round to further their development

Social vault platform Akord has raised a $2.3m seed round to build an Arweave-backed permanent storage solution for digital heritage. Backers include Maven11, D1 and Arweave. Also on the list is SevenX ventures – a fund with vast ecosystem experience and a portfolio that includes ArDrive, Koii, everFinance and Spheron.

Creators using are now able to get a better overview of stats on the dashboard

Manifold users can now dive deeper into their sales analytics across multiple platforms including Foundation and OpenSea.



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