Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #27: Arweave, the Witness in the Trial of Mankind

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What at first seemed like a bad dream become a shocking reality. Lessons from the past that we arrogantly thought we had learned, turned out to be forgotten, or interpreted completely differently. We have never been closer to total annihilation than right now. If in the end humanity will prevail, this time we should never, like never-ever forget what happened. In this context, the need and the mission of Arweave has become more than obvious.

I. Arweave Network

Files from the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued to be stored

Last week the counter was around 5 million files. At the moment of writing this article, there are over 12.5 million files stored. Arweavers will never stop recording everything. There will be no clean slate for those involved, no retractions, no unwanted files deleted, just raw data waiting to be scrutinized by the court of Hague.

The entire effort made by the Arweave team didn’t remain unseen. Sam Williams, Arweave’s founder, was asked by Bloomberg TV to explain the initiative:

Likewise, another member of our community, Andres Pirela, a developer at Verto, explained how Arweave works in the context of data preservation in an article for Forbes.

The community rallied to further expand the sources from where the information about the war are extracted, the Web3 social layer, an Arweave native project, participated in the joint effort by offering a proof of concept meant to achieve data from Reddit.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

ArDrive announced the launch of AR.I/O Network and raised 17 million $ to operationalize it

This project represents a grand milestone through decentralization for the entire Arweave ecosystem. The importance of AR.I/O Network could be understood by the magnitude of the funds raised and by the backers that led the round: Arweave Team, Blockchain Capital, and Sino Global Capital. We had an exclusive on these news so you can read the whole story here.

Pianity raised $6.5 million in seed round

Pianity, one of the players from the incipient music NFT industry announced the end of their seed round,

led byDigital Renaissance FoundationBig Brain Holdings, and Longhash Ventures, with participation from IOSG; LD Capital; Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO at TheSandBox; ViaBTC; ArkStream Capital; Arweave; and Ronny Shibley, CTO and co-founder at Gorillas.

Let’s hope that the world will settle and will let the future sound good again. At least we know that Pianity will have the means to provide the beats!

KYVE Network released its third protocol update

This update focuses on the KYVE DAO and further decentralization of the governance and delegation process. They also worked on improving the nodes’ infrastructure by diminishing the amount of data stored in memory. For further explanations you can check their Medium article.

“With this latest release, we have taken yet another step towards fully decentralizing the KYVE protocol — as well as bringing us closer to mainnet stability,” said KYVE co-founder John Letey.

Ownbase announces a new feature

Ownbase, a solution that uses Arweave to empower creators all over the world to certify the proof of authenticity of their works, released last week a feature that extends further the services they offer: QR codes for easy verification of the proof of integrity and authenticity.

Bybit listed RSS3

Bybit, a crypto exchange with almost 9 billion $ daily traded volume, that defines itself as one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, listed RSS3, RSS3 represents the counterpart of RSS built for the web3.

RSS3 Protocol defines the format of information presence and communication, and through the protocol, users store signed information to decentralised RSS3 Network, including profile, link, note and asset, where note and asset include not only signed content published by users themselves, but also content automatically indexed from other networks. Details of the RSS3 Protocol can be found here.

EverFinance now supports PSTs too

EverFinance, the cross-chain DeFi protocol that uses the power of Arweave to deliver feeless and instant transactions showcased again the use of SCP (storage-based consensus protocol, a protocol created by them) in enabling support for profit-sharing tokens too through EverPay dApp. In order to better understand the underlying tech, we recommend checking this article.


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