Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #23: The Edition

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It has definitely been an exciting week for Arweave and the future of AR on the fundamental side. Building the future layer 0 that will be used by many other chains and projects is not an easy task, and there will be always be ups and downs. But we can rely on the ever growing number of developers and new projects entering the ecosystem to better it and improve it one line of code at a time. This week we saw the kick off of the next edition of the Open Web Foundry. So the innovation will come flooding in.

I. Arweave Network

New Arweave mining client released (

We now have a new release of the Arweave client. The new release brings with it improvements to the mempool management, miner optimisation and improvements to the syncing process. You can find the release and all details about it on the Arweave Github profile here.

Open Web Foundry kicks off

Yesterday we saw the kick off of the 6th edition of the Open Web Foundry, Arweave’s very own incubating initiative that helps projects get funded and off the ground. We’ve been hyping about the new OWF for a while now and were very excited to see it finally take shape. We’ll be keeping a close eye and reporting on what we see!

Their first Community Spotlight – an event where teams from previous OWF rounds present their projects – will be held on the 4th of February 2022. The spotlight will feature Textury, Koii, Kyve, Verto Exchange, Redstone Finance and Spheron. An exciting lineup you wouldn’t want to miss!

Transaction stats are low – but not worrying. Here’s why

Transactions are off to a slow start this week. But don’t worry, it’s a chart, and just like any chart, nothing goes up (or down) in a straight line.  And the week isn’t over yet. The weekly transactions are sitting at around 750k. The recent low was at around 1.7m transactions at the end of 2021.

Let’s put things in to perspective by zooming out a little. In February 2021 we struggled to reach 1m transactions for the whole month. Now we are sitting at 750k for this one week. Really makes you think how far we have come. With the Lunar New Year, things are bound to slow down like we saw around Christmas. But was this week our all time low? Not even close. Even on our lowest volume day, we did thousands of times better as same time last year. And the New Year dip can be noticed in both New Year celebrations as a natural time for people to slow down and spend time with their families (notice the first week of January):

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Let’s take a look at all the interesting news that hit us this week from within the Arweave ecosystem.

Builder DAO joins the game

Builder DAO is fresh off the press. It seeks to address the issue that developers face when trying to build on web3 – the lack of consistently full, accurate and helpful documentation.

It is made up of community members from Arweave, Ceramic, Figment, The Graph, Pyth, and Solana. Exciting, and definitely helpful stuff. Read more in their announcement article.

Write to earn with CrypNote

A new player in the Arweave ecosystem – CrypNote – seems to be appearing more and more in our searches. They too joined the OWF call yesterday to introduce themselves. We have an in depth article on CrypNote coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, visit their homepage to sign up.

Sarco Releases New v2.0 Roadmap

Sarcophagus DAO – known for its “Dead Man’s Switch” protocol – recently received a whole lot of funding. Now it seems they are pushing ahead with a new roadmap outlining their future plans to rework their smart contracts and build a robust test suite.

Sarcophagus also launched a content creation contest this week, with prizes of up to 500 SARCO – the DAO’s native token. This is also a way for non-developers to contribute to the ecosystem and be rewarded by doing so!

Pianity starts a new bounty

Pianity – the NFT music marketplace – announced that they would be launching quests – aka bounties – and challenges that users can participate in and get rewarded in PIA, the Pianity utility token.

By completing the tasks, users will be able to earn XP points. These XP points will be converted to PIA tokens after February 14th when the competition ends.

CyberTime and Redstone

CyberTime– the NFT marketplace on CELO – announced that they will be integrating RedStone’s pricing feeds as well as their pseudo-number generator. This will allow a more fair distribution of NFTs to the users by increasing randomness.

RedStone also gave us an in depth explanation of how they are bundling up transactions using Bundlr in order to achieve higher throughput and transactions per second.

Rawrshak on ArCast

Did you catch the latest edition of ArCast with Christian from Rawrshak? You can check it out below. Also if you want to find out more about Rawrshak, you can do so here in an article we wrote. Listen on Permacast.

ArDrive’s latest bounty

At the beginning of every month we see ArDrive launch a bounty to help build the permanent web. Each bounty has a theme. Users can create a drive on ArDrive and upload content related to that theme to it. The best drive’s win AR.

This months theme is manuals – because let’s face it, they always go missing! So upload your manuals you have laying around and win yourself some nice AR.

Job opportunities in the ecosystem

There are plenty of job opportunities in the ecosystem still available, so we’ve listed them all below. See if anything could be your way into the Arweave world.





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