Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #21: “Glimpse of the Future” Edition

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The ecosystem in the last few days saw consolidations through innovations including new use cases for NFTs, a new tool that promises to change how smart contracts are explored and a budding decentralised application challenging the big centralised ones. Here is how the Arweave ecosystem fared this week.

I. Arweave Network

Not tired, not slowing down: Bundlr hits 100 million transaction, adds another wallet

Bundlr, an Arweave layer 2 platform helping users pay for permanent storage by using different cryptocurrencies has clocked its 100 millionth transaction. It has so far been a great month for the platform which also hit an all time high daily transaction of 2.8 million days ago after ending 2021 with exciting scorecards of 85 million transactions and 23 terabyte of permanently stored data. This trend will likely continue as it strives to add more cryptocurrencies.

Later in the week, Bundlr added Phantom, a Solana wallet to the lists of cryptocurrencies it supports. It is not clear which wallet it is adding next, but Bundlr seems to not be slowing down when discussing the future with Only Arweave in an interview for Permaweb Pioneers.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Holaplex adds new tool, but usage is optional

Solana-based NFT marketplace, Holaplex announced a new product due to be released in a few days. The new product, a collection minting tool which will enable the simultaneous minting of up to 10 NFTs will be available to all stores. The feature will also allocate 2 percent funds from new mints to the Holla Community Fund as co-creators. Holaplex noted that although using minting tools in the store helps to contribute to the community for the benefit of everyone, it is optional.

Orbis woos users with a new feature that threatens centralised social networks

Orbis, a decentralized social network, added an encryption feature to its app through its integration with decentralized access control platform Lit Protocol. The linking, according to Orbis, creates use cases where token holders in token gated groups on its platform can join and decrypt the content of the posts being shared. This feat could threaten centralized social networking platforms including Discord and Telegram.

Redstone team tweaks NFTs to spotlight world problems

How about NFT collections that change overtime according to related smartweave contracts? Now that’s one mind-blowing blend of creativity and tech. And Redstone is behind it. At an NFT hack event organized by Eth Global, the Redstone team created Beastieland, an interactive animal world NFT that spotlights global environmental changes. In one of its use cases, the Oracle contract collects data on temperature conditions and sends updates to the NFT contract, which re-calculates its state. The contract changes an image linked to an NFT and updates it on the WebApp if a threshold is met.

Decentralised forum for The OpenDAO

In a bid to provide a decentralised forum for OpenDAO, Ever Finance has partnered with Metaforo, a Web3 community platform that works like Facebook but allows users to truly control their privacy and data ownership.

Arweave’s family tree gets bigger

In another boost to the Arweave ecosystem, is the launch of Arcode. It’s a tool that allows users to easily deploy and interact with Smartweave contracts. Users can also view the state of contracts that are registered as safe, post real interactions or perform dry runs.

Shortly after the Arcode’s launch, the RedStone scanner integrated it with its contract explorer. The integration enables contracts loaded on RedStone’s scanner to be immediately ready to explore.

Behold, the future of music NFTs!

Releap made an entry into the music NFT space this week with its creator describing it as a creative platform to empower artists with new tools to engage fans in a new way. It helps artists get direct contributions from fans through a reward system set by artists themselves without third party interference. It is built on Arweave and Solana.

Pianity adds notification support to its dashboard

Pianity’s new notification center helps keep users in the loop and makes fans the first to know when a new NFT drops. It seems from the tweet below that the notifications trigger when there’s new activity for an artist a user has liked or collected before.

Job opportunities in the ecosystem

This week, yet again, there are job opportunities in the ecosystem. Ardrive wants to fill the following roles:

To see if other job opportunities are still available check out our last week’s report here.


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