Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #19: “SmartWeave Superpowers” Edition

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The first week of 2022 follows all-time highs for Arweave transaction volume and numerous scaling and UX improvements for SmartWeave – which is quickly becoming its own thriving ecosystem.

Whether we’re in a bear market, momentary dip, or some unknown stage of the supercycle, Arweave keeps ticking along and breaking records. Let’s check some of them out.

I. Arweave Network

Registrations are open for Open Web Foundry

New Open Web Foundry has started registrations. As usual the fund is $100’000 across winning participants. The registrations are open now and will close February 2nd, 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC. You can read more about the requirements for application in our post.

The Arweave network hit a new all-time high for transactions in December

In the previous full month, the Arweave L1 saw more transactions than ever – 28,681,000 – up 6% from the previous all-time high in October. Despite the holidays, activity on the network seems more active than ever.

Deployed SmartWeave contract count doubled in the last 3 months

SmartWeave – Arweave’s native smart contract layer – is seeing more adoption at a faster rate than ever. Using his weave-growth utility script, Verto founder Tate Berenbaum calculated that over 19,000 SmartWeave contracts have been deployed in the last 90 days. In parallel, SmartWeave’s tooling keeps improving every week (read on for the improvements to SmartWeave itself).

Bundlr Network’s 2021 Stats

In just 4.5 months, there have been 85 million transactions routed through the Bundlr Network. As it stands, Bundlr accounts for the majority of data added to the permaweb since it has been adopted by major NFT tools such as Mintbase and Metaplex, as well as video platforms like Glass.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

3em launches as a rapid multi-language execution machine for SmartWeave

Verto had a groundbreaking week with the incubation and release of 3em – a multi-language smart contract execution layer for Arweave. 3em allows developers writing in Solidity, Rust, C, and other languages to build and read Arweave smart contracts. You can read all we know so far here.

RedStone Smart Contracts v4.1 brings 10x performance gains for SmartWeave

As well as Verto, RedStone has been hard at work with optimizations to SmartWeave. The latest version of the SDK behind the team’s own oracle app performs up to 10x faster than the previous release. On Twitter, RedStone challenged us to try to benchmark the SDK for ourselves.

everPay launches a SmartWeave-based NFT auction

everPay launches its first auction on Arweave. The auction is completely gasless as it is stored on Arweave and paid for in $AR. Whilst being the classic ascending dynamic auction, it has a twist – whoever is outbid receives an extra 2% of their own bid.

There are a total of 9 auctions and it’s running from the 6th to 13th of January. Read more about the auction and its mechanics here. And until the 1oth of January you can guess what price the Santa will be auctioned at to get a chance to win 1AR:

The auction has attracted a great deal of interest. With almost 6 days left at the time of writing, the NFTs have roughly 550 AR in total bids, or $28,000.

Akord’s user survey reveals the audience for personal data storage on Arweave

The Akord team has published the results of the user feedback survey, revealing their user demographics and giving us insights into the types of people interested in permanent storage and Arweave.

On Twitter, the team published charts from their findings which showed that most of their users were in their 30s, working in tech, and storing their individual documents on Akord. Beyond that, users were also commonly storing both business documents and their family heritage. Check the thread below to dive deeper.

Permaweb Pioneers features Bundlr founder Josh Benaron

Bundlr is one of the most important pieces of Arweave scaling, responsible for handling data uploading and seeding amid the great NFT boom of 2021. In this episode of Permaweb Pioneers, founder Josh talks about Bundlr’s architecture, move towards greater decentralization, future token launch, origin story, and more.

Ethereum Cat Herders meetings uploaded to permacast

Following permacast’s cooperation with the Ethereum Foundation’s project management team to upload the entire back catalog of All Core Devs meetings, the team has archived all Ethereum Cat Herder meetings too. Check the archive here.

ArDrive Announces its Third Bounty

January has brought a new ArDrive bounty to further the collection of quality content for future generations. This month’s theme: your hometown. Upload media files and categorize them neatly for a chance to win 2AR.

You can read our post for more information on the requirements for application.


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