Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #11: Bridging the Gap

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A new CEX listing for Arweave is always big news, but this week we’re seeing a recurring theme around bridging.

Arweave is becoming more interoperable – with profit-sharing tokens appearing on BSC, Koii NFTs on OpenSea, and Argora posts bridging to Twitter, Arweave and its ecosystem is crossing the chasm to other chains and platforms to reach new audiences.

Let’s look at the most exciting news of the week.

I. Arweave Network

Arweave token widely available to U.S. investors via KuCoin listing

This week’s big news – $AR is more widely available than ever now thanks to a new listing from KuCoin which opens Arweave up to a worldwide market on a centralized exchange for the first time ever. Read the details in the article linked in the tweet below:

Open Web Foundry continues, with session on permaweb app ideas

The Open Web Foundry – a bounty program and accelerator for the Arweave ecosystem – held another session this week to spark inspiration from would-be permaweb developers. This talk explores ideas for apps that cover NFT liquidity, social media, truthiness markets, document management, video streaming and more.

Sam Williams and RSS3 appear on live Mask panel

Arweave founder Sam Williams joined Suji Yan and Joshua from RSS3 in a panel yesterday addressing web 3.0 storage, social tokens, SEC regulation, content interoperability and more. Arweave News also spoke briefly about permacast, an Arweave and RSS3-integrated podcasting platform. Listen below:

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave invests in Mask (again)

Mask, a social media bridge between web2 and web3, has received funding from Arweave for a second time this week. The first investment, in May 2020, was used “to create a set of encryption schemes on Arweave, preventing user data from being accessed by other individuals or organizations”, Mask clarifies on Medium. MaskDAO recently passed a vote to further strategic partnerships and provide MASK token to relevant investors.

everPay publishes detailed lightpaper and roadmap

Arweave-based DEX everPay has published its first lightpaper, extensively detailing the tooling’s architecture and functions alongside illustrative graphics and a roadmap planning up until 2023.

Read the paper on Mirror here.

PermaBot announces token bridge to BSC; announces airdrop

The PermaBot team has published a blog post announcing a new bridge between Arweave and Binance Smart Chain. The bridge “supports migration of both PBTs and Wrapped Arweave to the BSC network”, and states that it is just the first step in bridging the Arweave PST ecosystem to other EVM-compatible chains, too.

On top of this, PBT tokens will be airdropped to respondents of this form, so sign up while there’s still time to secure the first BSC/AR-bridged token!

The Arweave ecosystem is hiring

The Arweave ecosystem – including the core protocol – is looking for new talent. Arweave Team is hiring a Chief of Staff and Technical Ecosystem Coordinator, while Verto, everPay, Bundlr, Pianity, ArDrive and more are looking to fill various roles – technical and non-technical. Read the replies of the tweet below to find out more.

Koii announces Atomic Zombies and support for large scale generative NFT drops

Koii atomic NFTs have seen a surge of interest lately, leading to the first Koii-native generative drop from an established artist, DKleine. Al from Koii demonstrated a few examples in the recent OWF talk on Arweave NFTs. You can pre-register for the Atomic Zombies drop to mint one when it’s released here.

KYVE secures $2.8m in funding from Coinbase Ventures, Mechanism Capital and others

Arweave-based data validation protocol KYVE has raised almost $3m from a selection of high profile VC firms and blockchains. Blockchains like Celo, Mina, Aurora and Moonriver have invested, indicating their interest in using the platform as a way to store historical data.

Pianity introduce leaderboards with $PIA rewards

NFT music marketplace Pianity has launched a feature allowing users to track the rankings and activity of top collectors. As explained in the announcement post, the top 3 leaderboard positions earn Pianity’s native $PIA token for collecting NFTs and referring others to the platform.

Bundlr makes the switch to use native BNDL tokens

The Bundlr network has made the switch away from using AR tokens directly to using BNDL – the Bundlr network’s native currency. The team recently published a new JS client and command line interface that makes it possible to send funds to Bundlr for this purpose.

articulate.eth bridges the first NFT from Arweave to Ethereum via Koii

Photographer and Bark Blocks creator articulate.eth scores another first this week by bridging a Koii-minted NFT to Ethereum and OpenSea.

ArDrive releases an updated CLI

The ArDrive team this week has finalized and released the second version of ArDrive CLI, a scriptable and terminal-based way to interact with the Arweave File System. With the CLI, it’s possible to “upload public or private files up to 2GB, monitor network health & transaction statuses, & various other Arweave wallet operations”. Clone the repo here.

ar://theweaver fulfill’s Arweave’s Twitter/Argora bridge bounty

A proof-of-concept for a bridge between Argora and Twitter is being tested this week after last week’s announcement of a 100 AR bounty for the first working prototype.

Argora is a Twitter-like social network built on top of Arweave. The bridge enables a 2-way sync with Twitter, allowing users to use which they like.

More on the inner workings of the bridge in next week’s report.



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