Trust Wallet Proposes Arweave Support; the First Step Towards Integration is Happening This Christmas

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Huge news this holiday for the Arweave ecosystem. After announcing the first integration with a mobile wallet earlier this year (BitKeep deserves a big shoutout for being the first to unleash the potential of Arweave’s native dApps on mobile), we are glad to announce the Trust Wallet’s efforts to offer support for $AR.

At the moment of writing this, there is an ongoing community vote on the integration proposal for Arweave. Things are looking pretty neat: the crushing majority of the votes cast until now (99.03%) favor the integration. It seems that the Trust Wallet community is more than eager to have access to $AR.

If these rules still apply, the vote already surpassed the minimum participation needed (there is a circulating supply of 196,120,180 TWT on BSC and there are 8.55 million votes in favor).

The vote will be open until 27 December, so, given the fact that there is a high possibility to end with a green light for $AR integration, we should expect 2022 to be full of activity for Arweave developers.

The gate will open for roughly 10 million potential Arweavers. Not only will they have access to permanent storage through their mobile device, but they could experience the entire permaweb on mobile.

Trust Wallet is an app that lets you buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange and earn crypto. It is used by over 10 million users and is available on Apple, Android and on Google Play. It lets you buy crypto with your card which means a much easier acquisition of different currencies using fiat. Its wallet allows you to browse and join different decentralized dApps making a mobile companion to ArConnect, which is only available as a browser extension. 

Could this be an unbelievable push for Profit Sharing Token adoption? The following year will tell.

Until then – Happy Holidays to all of you guys! 

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