Arweave Social Media Upgrade: Metaweave Account

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Social media may be the next big play surrounding blockchain technology. The Arweave community is building the ultimate foundation for it, with Metaweave being one of the pioneering platforms at the forefront. They have just announced their new Accounts protocol which allows you to customize your Arweave wallet and turn it into a profile. Metaweave describes it as the “follow” of web3.

Metaweave, formerly known as Argora, is a decentralized social media platform built on Arweave’s Permaweb. Anything posted to the program is permanent, and no one has the power to delete posts. The decentralization aspect of the platform means that, practically, it would never experience any downtime either.
Now they are improving the user experience with Account, a permaweb dApp, and protocol pair to manage your wallet identity.

The importance of this protocol cannot be understated. No moderation means users can post whatever and whenever they want to Metaweave, without any censorship. But this raises the question of just how safe or comfortable it might be for users to navigate Metaweave or any other decentralized platform built on the Permaweb.

It’s worth noting that there are already some safeguards for Arweave to remain safe and clean, like the Shepherd protocol, which uses a unique method to identify and address unwanted content in a trestles manner. We’ve already written about Permaweb’s solution to unwanted content here.

Account is simple in a principal solution that can filter only what you want to see by allowing you to, amongst other things, select which other wallets you want to see content from, in turn blocking out the noise from ones you don’t want to be visible.

Furthermore, it allows you to use an avatar for your wallet, have a unique handle, name, bio, and add your web2 social links from Twitter, Discord, Github, Instagram, and Facebook. This aspect adds a human touch back into how we can interact on web3, as this humanly read content is much simpler than knowing each other by a 256-bit long hash.
It’s worth mentioning that developers can integrate the use of Account into their dApps with the simple addition of a few lines of code without creating a user interface themselves from scratch. The fact that Account is on-chain and permanent means that the integration would not need maintenance, as the protocol will always stay the same.

Get Started!

Go to the the Account website here.

You will be prompted to log in via one of the following:

  • ArConnect
  • Bundlr

Once in, you can click on Edit Profile and enter all the details you want for your Account. When done, click Save. You will then see a pop-up message with your Arweave transaction ID for the creation of the Account. You will need to wait for the transaction to be authenticated by miners for the process to be complete.



Decentralized social media platforms are needed more than ever nowadays. The monopoly social media giants have built since the dot com boom, with a centralized point of access, and failure can lead to downtime, account deletion, content alteration, and propaganda nurturing.

To build a truly decentralized social platform that will also attract the masses and create a significant migration from web2 to web3, we will need to incorporate all the things users came to be used to on those centralized legacy platforms. Features like Account will surely push the narrative of web3 social media closer to fruition. Read more about how the future of web3 social media may be helpful to us all in this article of ours.


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